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This 30-song collection documents highlights of the rock recordings produced by engineer/entrepreneur Clay Barclay circa 1966-'69.

Originally based in his parents' Orwigsburg, PA home and later relocating to Reading, Barclay's facilities captured the top regional acts, producing over two dozen highly-coveted 7-inch singles.

Included in this retrospective is a 40-page booklet bursting with photos, memorabilia and extensive band bios.

Both collections are highly recommended for fans of '60s garage, punk, and 100% pure pre-Woodstock era muscular rock.

Part Two opens up with the Starlites apocalyptic "I Can't See You," a snarling 5-star punker if there ever was one.

All of Barclay's subsequent later-period 45 RPM releases are chronologically represented here--featuring solid stuff by the Yankee Rebels, Hustlers 4, Lords, Newluvs, Flowerz, Ethics, Pat Farrell & The Believers, Counts and Other Side.

The disc also includes stuff unissued tracks by the Yankee Rebels, Sidewinders, Royal Cavaliers, plus two bonus non-Barclay psych recordings from the Other Side If you missed this legendary music scene first time around, both volumes of Eastern PA Rock are guaranteed to vault you back three decades when rock was fresh, cars were stylish and TV was cool.



1                   –Starlites*                   I Can't See You                  

2                   –Starlites*                   Baby Set Me Free                  

3                   –Yankee Rebels*                   I Wanna Know Why                  

4                   –Yankee Rebels*                   Maybe I'm Crazy                  

5                   –Yankee Rebels*                   Hey Girl                  

6                   –Sidewinders (4)                   It Hurts                  

7                   –Sidewinders (4)                   Not Again                  

8                   –Hustlers 4*                   Kind Of Hurt                  

9                   –Hustlers 4*                   See It My Way                  

10                   –Lords*                   Young Heartbeat                  

11                   –Lords*                   Sweet Words                  

12                   –Lords*                   What Went Wrong                  

13                   –Lords*                   Tell Me                  

14                   –Newluvs*                   Be My Girl                  

15                   –Newluvs*                   It's All Over                  

16                   –Royal Cavaliers                   I'll Try Again                  

17                   –Royal Cavaliers                   Was It Love                  

18                   –Flowerz*                   I Need Love Now                  

19                   –Flowerz*                   My Sad Story                  

20                   –Flowerz*                   Flyte                  

21                   –Flowerz*                   Talkin' About Love                  

22                   –Ethics*                   Can't You See                  

23                   –Ethics*                   A Letter To Kathy                  

24                   –Pat Farrell & The Believers                   Gotta Find Her                  

25                   –Pat Farrell & The Believers                   Bad Woman                  

26                   –Counts*                   Last Train                  

27                   –Counts*                   I Will Lose My Mind                  

28                   –Other Side*                   Writing On The Wall                  

29                   –Other Side*                   Heart Full Of Soul                  

30                   –Other Side*                   I'm Worried