EVOL - ST digipack (1970 Byrds style) CD

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One of a kind acetate recording from an obscure West Virginia band.

Recorded in 1970 and sounding remarkably like The Byrds, Buffalo Springfield and early Grass Roots, their effective blend of 12 string guitar, haunting harpsichord, and beautiful harmonies definitely will have this band near or at the top of  the most popular and best-selling reissues!! A terrific follow-up to the previously released version on lp



1 Part Of Reality 3:26
2 For The Sake Of Reality 2:50
3 Unlucky Guy 2:50
4 I Told A Lie 2:28
5 I Just Don't Care To Dance 3:22
6 You Shall Be Saved 2:12
7 If I Am Strong 2:24
8 Get Out Of My Mind 2:16
9 Speak Your Mind 2:16
10 There Will Come A Day 2:46
11 Good Morning Girl 2:52
12 Day Of Sorrow 2:42