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 Obscure sixties garage punk and psychedelic rock may be the imprint’s main thrust, but every so often they wander outside such territories and release music that is just plain weird.

From the spit and swagger of “I Can’t See You” by The Starlites to the absolutely stupid yet utterly charming “Stinky Poodle” by Tangela Tricoli, here’s a disc that offers something for everybody.

On the instrumental front, there’s the acid damaged delight of "Kaleidoscope" from Peter Pan and The Good Fairies and Erik Lindgren’s totally gorgeous version of The Edgar Winter Group’s "Frankenstein," which takes classical muzak to new and improved heights.

Erik further shares his talents on “Route 28-American Kids Still Wanna Rock,” a super catchy pop rocker where his inner Rick Springfield meets Bryan Adams is revealed. Charted of shuffling rhythms, The Rising Storm’s “Love Starvation” pays loving homage to Bo Diddley, “Flyte” by The Flowerz pairs social oriented prose with the bracing bite of The Rolling Stones and The Standells, The Legends unveil a dosage of wah-wah battered guitar reflexes on “High Towers” and Changin’ Tymes travel a heavy duty psychedelic route on “Blue Music Box.”

A strong Jefferson Airplane influence arises on the rebellious tones of 6 Feet Under’s “Inspiration In My Head,” The Victors turn in a loyal cover of Them’s “Little Girl” and The Litter quake and shake on “Mindbreaker.” Stacked from top to bottom with enjoyable sounds, “Garageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music!” is the best greatest hits album that never was.




                        The Barclay Story


1          –Starlites*      I Can’t See You          2:41


2          –The Flowerz             Flyte    2:17


3          –Pat Farrell & The Believers            Bad Woman   2:05


4          –The Triumphs (7)   Triumphs Theme      2:28


5          –James & The Incredible Showmen            James Brown Boo-Ga-Loo     3:13


                        Boss '60s Bands


6          –6 Feet Under*          Inspiration In My Head        2:28


7          –The Five Emprees   Little Miss Sad           2:15


8          –The Lost (3)             When I Call    2:00


9          –Rising Storm*           Love Starvation         2:23


10       –The Legends (7)     High Towers 2:57


                        Way Cool '60s Comps


11       –Maniacs*      Now I Know   1:54


12       –Kings Ransom*        Without You 3:46


13       –Sound Apparatus* Travel Agent Man     2:58


14       –Peter Pan & The Good Fairies        Kaleidoscope             2:24


15       –Animated Sounds    (Sock It To Me Baby) In The House Of Shock        1:54


16       –5: P.M.*         How Many Days        1:54


17       –Electrified People    Electrified People      2:26


18       –Changin' Tymes*     Blue Music Box          2:12


                        Litter & Related Bands


19       –The Litter     Mindbreaker             3:07


20       –The Litter     Soul-Searchin'           2:47


21       –White Lightning (4)            William           2:06


22       –Victors*         Little Girl        2:34


23       –The Litter     Substitute      2:51


24       –The Litter     Action Woman           3:07


                        Outsider Music


25       –James "Rebel" O'Leary*      Rebel Star      2:22


26       –Tangela Tricoli         Stinky Poodle             2:22


27       –Unknown Artist       Caveman Cookbook 2:02


                        Erik Lindgren


28       –Frankenstein Consort         Frankenstein             3:55


29       –Erik Lindgren (2)    No Other Way            1:30


30       –Route 28      American Kids (Still Wanna Rock) 3:41


31       –Unknown Artist       Bonus Track   0:32