GONZALEZ, WALLY- Tunog Pinoy (heavy acid blues psych) LION CD

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Just listening to the soaring solos of the third track, ‘Pinag-isa’, makes us think how much this sounds like Pink Floyd circa “Dark Side of the Moon”—atmospheric, with breathy vocals, yet thick with that mid-70’s heavy energy at the same time; then you get to ‘Rock & Roll Mama’, and it’s stinging guitar leads and crunching rhythm section all the way; Gonzalez clearly was not a one trick (heavy acid blues rock) pony, which explains why this album has always been held in such high regard among those who had a chance to hear it.


1 Tugtugan 4:24
2 Palaman 3:41
3 Pinag-Isa 5:09
4 Ala-Ala 3:16
5 Rock & Roll, Mama 4:27
6 Ikaw Lang 2:16
7 Kabataan Makialam 3:41
8 Nag-Aawitan 5:59
9 Isang Kahig, Isang Tuka 5:32