GONZALEZ, WALLY -Wally on the Road (70s heavy acid blues psych Pink Floyd style) CD

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First off, don’t be deceived by the title—this is a studio album all the way; altogether a different sort of album from “Tunog Pinoy”, thudding out of the gate with the monumental ‘Kailan Pa Kaya’, syrupy treated vocals, John Bonham-esque drumming and all; dig too, if you will, the Zeppelin vibe of ‘Screw’ before sailing into the trippy, acoustic ‘Tattong Araw’, or the legendary ‘Wally’s Blues’; more effects than the earlier record, sounding more like newfound recordings from the late 1960’s than a mid-70’s record—this has more psychedelic credentials than most reissues which get that label bestowed upon them; you might say that while “Tunog Pinoy” is classic rock in the best sense, this is classic psychedelia, in the best sense.


1 Kailan Pa Kaya? 4:37
2 Bagong Kabuhayan 4:31
3 Screw 3:00
4 Tatlong Araw 4:17
5 Open Fire 3:40
6 Dalagang Mahinhin 4:44
7 Rockin' Roller 4:59
8 Wally's Blues 4:30
9 Tayo Na 6:11