HUNNS / DUANE PETERS - Long Legs Enhanced digi CD with video

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The Hunns have finally become the killer rock outfit they've been struggling to be over the course of several uneven albums. Sure, the songs are re-recorded Hunns songs or covers, but each blasts out of your speakers with passion and fury the Hunns haven't shown before. Long Legs is the epitome of the smutty rock 'n' roll sound Duane Peters seems to love. If you've written off the Hunns as second to the U.S. Bombs before, do yourself a favor and check this one out!


1 Time Has Come Today  
2 I Got Your Number  
3 Tragedy  
4 Animals  
5 Love & Hate  
6 Wild  
7 Surf Sacrifice  
8 Burn In Hell  
9 Dead Man  
10 Did You No Wrong  
11 The Wrench  
12 Ameri-Nightmare  
13 War Of The World  
14 Cancore Sore  
15 Nute HB