HUNNS - Live Fast - w Corey Parks and Duane Peters LAST COPIES - CD

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DIE HUNNS has gone through many line-ups over the years, and released numerous singles.

This album has all of them in one place, plus the pre-production recordings for what was supposed to be the band's second album, recorded a year after 'Long Legs Die Hunns' (2004) and months before 'Your Rot Me' (2006). It is another "catchy, dirty, ugly-as-hell" product of Duane and Corey's musical collaboration, and yes, she sings a lot on the album!

'Live Fast Die Hunns' includes "a total of 12 killer tracks, on an album that rocks out," says Duane; songs such as 'You Want The Truth', 'Back In Black' and 'Ain't It A Shame' which were limited releases, as well as new songs never recorded before such as 'Live Fast, Die Hunns', 'Nothin' Commin' and 'Hangin' Around'. This missing link in Die Hunns' discography also features great cover art by graphic designer Tom D. Kline. The release is a Disaster world exclusive, and a must-have for fans of 'The Master of Disaster' and his long-legged partner in rock'n'roll crime.



1 Back 'N' Black  
2 Live Fast... Die  
3 Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love  
4 Nothin' Commin'  
5 Marshal Law  
6 Hangin' Around  
7 Do You Want The Truth?  
8 Burn The Page  
9 Love And A Molotov  
10 Head On  
11 Atomic Cafe  
12 No Time  
13 Ain't It A Shame (Outtake Version)