INDIO - Big Harvest (80 lost classic) CD

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 A lost classic. Contains the original version of "Hard Sun", later recorded by Pearl Jam leader Eddie Vedder for the soundtrack to Sean Penn’s film, Into The Wild.

Indio is the stage name for Canadian singer-songwriter Gordon Peterson who released one album, “Big Harvest,” in 1989, which includes the top 10 hit ‘Hard Sun.’ The album involved high-profile artists, including Bill Dillon and David Rhodes (Peter Gabriel) on guitars. Larry Klein played bass; Brenda Russell sang background vocals, as did Joni Mitchell.

Other collaborators included Indian violinist L. Subramaniam. But none of Indio's material charted in the US, “Big Harvest” did not sell up to the record company's (A&M) expectations. Peterson was subsequently dropped from his label and left the business. He remains a reclusive figure to this day. The album is often noted for its message of conservation and spirituality through nature



1 The Grinding Wheel 6:49
2 Discovery 4:39
3 Save For The Memory 4:17
4 Big Harvest 3:46
5 Hard Sun 4:41
6 This Golden Land 4:40
7 The Season Of The Lost 4:58
8 Stories 4:32
9 My Eyes 5:03
10 Ship On A Sea 5:26
11 Life Lies Down 3:52