ITHACA - Game For All Who Know ( Uruguayan 70s rare home recordings folk psych)CD

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16 page booklet and bonus tracks. Incredibly good and extremely rare home recordings from psychedelic-folk masters Peter Howell and John Ferdinando, that had made the AGINCOURT album two years earlier.

For the first time from the original master tapes!

The addition of three previously unreleased bonus tracks is cause for much rejoicing!

The sixteen-page booklet has lengthy band history, lyrics, and rare photos


1.1     Destruction/Rebirth     
1.2     Patterns Of Life     
2.1     Did You Know?     
2.2     Will We Be Alive?     
3.1     Seven Seasons     
3.2     The Path     
3.3     Given Time     
4.1     Look Around     
4.2     I Want To Feel You     
5.1     Story Of Our Time     
5.2     Beneath This Sky     
    Journey Il
6     A Game For All Who Know     
    Bonus Tracks
7     All My Life (Stereo)     
8     The Poem (Stereo)     
9     Peace Of Mind (Stereo)