JACK SAINT -Reap What YOu Sow (Scientists/Gun Club/Fuzztones style) CD

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POLISH IMPORT  "Reap What You Sow" may be Jack Saint’s most individually distilled outing to date. The dizzying buffet of skewed post-punk & funk grooves on 'Reap' is an inversion of their debut’s unabashed rawness and in–your–face minimalism.

The Lee Hazelwood-inspired opener “Hair of my True Love is Ice-Blond” blends obsessiveness with robust storytelling. The chopped-up Beefheartian stomper “Music Against Nature” serves up a meditation on oppression, while the moody slow-burning funk of “Can You Do Without Your Brother?” encapsulates the albums emotional core.

This is noirish mutant blues that’ll wake the neighbors if you live next to a cemetery. It’s Bad Seeds for Bad People!