KEYES -ST Louisville Music Series #7 (mid 60s psych rock) CD

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The Seventh Installment of the Louisville Music Series.

Another great band that exchanged band members with Soul Inc., Elysian Field, The Rugbys, and The Oxfords. Featuring the brother combo of Tom & Jim Owen, these 25 tracks were recorded between 1965-69 and are off the Master tapes from Sambo Studios!!

Great mid-60s rock and psych sound. 22 of these tracks have never before been released

1     She's The One     
2     Barbara     
3     Farmer's Daughter     
4     Heart Of A Child     
5     I'm The Pretender     
6     Froggy Gremlin     
7     Society's Child     
8     I Can't Win For Losin'     
9     We'll Hold Hands Together     
10     I Don't Care     
11     I Cherish You     
12     We'll All Fade On     
13     Hitchcock Railway     
14     Dana     
15     I Have A Dream     
16     Are You Lonely For Me Baby     
17     Rock Me Baby     
18     Somebody Help Me     
19     Wonderful Love     
20     Fascinatin' Lady     
21     Love Me Tonight     
22     The Stranger     
23     Did You Ever Love     
24     I Thought I Knew You     
25     I Just Want To See Linda Again