PETER FOLDY -Bondi Junction And Other Hits (70s melodic pop classics) CD

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A collection of melodic pop classics, including his number one Canadian hit 'Bondi Junction’ (a melody that is hard to get our of your mind), the catchy ‘Roxanne,' 'School of Love,' and 'Love City,' which sounds like it could have been recorded by the Bee Gees. Singer/songwriter Peter Foldy was born in Hungary and raised in Australia, where he befriended the brothers who later found fame as Bee Gees.

In 1965, Foldy moved to Toronto and eventually studied film at York University. After his 1973 hit "Bondi Junction" fared well in both Canada and the U.S., Foldy signed with Capitol (for Canada) and Polydor (for the U.S.) and had additional success with the self-written ‘Roxanne' and the Bill Martin/Phil Coulter composition 'Julie Ann.'