PETERS,DUANE AND THE HUNNS- Unite -LAST COPIES! Punk rock classic on green vinyl LP

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GREEN  VINYL debut album w/ Duane from U.S. Bombs + memembers of the Humpers and the Pushers. "Duane Peters has been going absolutely fucking non-stop ever since he went clean. . . more so. The Hunns is the result of overflowing and never ending inspiration from an ex-alcoholic, ex-junkie genius. Duane and his droogs tear off pieces of everything wholesome and true about punk rock, (as done with the U.S. Bombs) drag it through the mill and back" - World Wide Punk



Youth Ain't A Fountain  
L.A. Doom  
Nuke H.B.  
Unfair Games  
The Unity  
The Wrench  
Kickin' Rocks  
The Which Way  
Passing Out  
Ellen 45  
Blood On The Sun  
The Indians  
Cross Bones