PHIL & THE FRANTICS- History Of Garage Band Music -LAST COPIES!(60s Zombies style- PEBBLES band) LP

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LAST COPIES! - First legal compilation of all their stuff, plus liners, assembled by Phil Kelsey himself.

One of the highlights of the early Pebbles volumes was Phil & the Frantics' "I Must Run," an obscure single which captured the early Zombies' sound with uncanny accuracy. The close resemblance, in fact, was no coincidence: so much of the melody and arrangement was lifted from the obscure Zombies' B-side "I Must Move" that the Frantics would have surely lost a plagiarism suit. The Phoenix-based band began as a much more frat-rock based act, adapting to the British Invasion sound after 1964.



A1 Ko-Ko Joe  
A2 Give Up  
A3 When  
A4 New Orleans  
A5 Whenever I'm Alone  
A6 She's My Gal  
A7 To Me  
A8 I'm High  
B1 Say That You Will  
B2 Till You Get What You Want  
B3 I Must Run  
B4 The Last Time  
B5 Where Am I Running To  
B6 What's Happening  
B7 Pain  
B8 Theme