POPPEES - Pop Goes The Anthology ( 70s POWERPOP ANTHOLOGY ) CD

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The Poppees were one of the creators and the embodiment of what soon came to be known as the "Power Pop" sound of the late 70s.

This long overdue anthology finally gives this notable and highly underrated band its due, elegantly chronicling the Poppees short but influential role in the history of the New York New Wave scene of the late 70's.

While anchored around their two classic Bomp singles, "If She Cries/Love of The Loved" (the latter track produced by Craig Leon of the Ramones fame), and "Jealousy/She's Got It" (produced by Cyril Jordan of the Flamin' Groovies), "Pop Goes The Anthology" features never before released recordings, including demos, early live recordings, and culminating with a rip-roaring live performance at CBGB.

It is complete with liner notes and unpublished photos. "After all, what would be more punk at that time than being in the Poppees - a band that emulated the early Beatles, from their moptops to their Cuban heels?" - WFMUFormed in In the mid-'70s in New York by Bob Waxman, Arthur Alexander, Paddy Lorenzo, and Donny Jackrel, later replaced by Jet Harris.


1 Jealousy  
2 She's Got It  
3 If She Cries  
4 Love Of The Loved  
5 Sad Sad Love  
6 She's So Bad  
7 I'll Be Loving You  
8 I Need Your Love  
9 Sad Sad Love  
10 Jealousy  
11 Since I Fell For You  
12 If She Cries  
13 Tender Love  
14 Anything Wrong  
15 Stay Awhile  
16 Bad To You Good To Me  
17 Apache  
18 Woman