SWAMP DOGG -The White Man Made Me Do It SALE! BLACK VINYL w digital download - LP

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Includes a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD CARD of the complete album, including the cd tracks.

The album cover is by two time Grammy winner Hugh Brown

 "The White Man Made Me Do It" is Swamp Dogg's new album, and his first soul record in decades. Over the course of 14 songs, and with the help of a cast of veteran soul greats, the idiosyncratic performer re-captures the spirit of his 70's cult recordings. "The White Man Made Me Do It" mixes classic Southern soul grooves with pointed, poignant lyrics, reflecting upon race, love, and money. As usual Swamp demonstrates his savage sense of humor and his instinctive aversion to hypocrisy.

Swamp Dogg is currently in the midst of a resurgence of interest in his work, coinciding with a new series of remastered reissues of his vintage albums, along with a selection of some of his most noteworthy production projects, including cult-classic releases by Doris Duke, Irma Thomas, Charlie Whitehead (aka Raw Spitt), Z.Z. Hill, Lightning Slim, Wolfmoon and Sandra Phillips, all currently available on Alive Naturalsound.


1. The White Man Made Me Do It

2. Lying Lying Lying Woman

3. Hey Renae

4. You Send Me

5. Let Me Be Wrong

6. Your Cash Ain't Nothing But Trash

7. I'm So Happy

8. That's What Lonesome Is