TELESCOPES - # Untitled Second (great psych shoegaze) LAST FEW! 180 GRAM BLACK VINYL

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About to go out of print forever, from the BOMP archives.

The Telescopes were among the most innovative and challenging yet successful artists in Creation Records' "middle period", a leading part of the wave of sonic experimenters who included Spacemen 3, My Bloody Valentine, Spectrum and Spiritualized.

Towards the end of their time with Creation, they made their most fully realized album yet, "#' (untitled second). This is the first time this great psychedelic album is being released in the US, and it comes with 3 bonus tracks. "The songs are built on acoustic guitars, then the tricked-out electric guitars are laid on top and garnished with bongos, organs, pianos, and all sorts of classic instruments. Stephen Lawrie's vocals are restrained and semi-emotional and female backing vocals add a touch of sweetness that might otherwise be missing from the record, as the overall atmosphere is very moody and introspective." - AMG



1 Splashdown 3:11
2 High On Fire 3:12
3 You Set My Soul 3:43
4 Spaceships 3:56
5 The Presence Of Your Grace 3:25
6 And 4:32
7 Flying 2:51
8 Yeah 3:40
9 Ocean Drive 4:40
10 Please Tell Mother 3:46
11 To The Shore 2:47
12 Tornado 2:46
13 High On Fire (EP Version) 2:42
14 Sunspray 2:34
15 The Sleepwalk (Sitar Version) 2:45