TELLTALE HEARTS -High Tide (snotty mid-60s garage punk style with R&B and blues influence) LAST COPIES! CD

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Anthology '83-'86 - 21 cuts, including 9 previously unreleased, highlight this killer compilation from San Diego's version of the Shadows Of Knight.

Back in the days of the mid-80s "garage revival" scene that revolved around the Cavern Club, there was no doubt that the Tell-Tale Hearts led the pack of "paisley underground" bands that were popping up everywhere.

They combined primitive and snotty mid-60s garage punk with R&B and blues influences, and had in Ray Brandes a great vocalist. Bill Calhoun played the keys, Eric Bacher was the guitarist, Dave Klowden the powerhouse drummer, and Mike Stax (publisher of the great Ugly Things fanzine) the "bass that ate San Diego."

These guys had it all: the "look," the sound, and the carefree attitude.


My World Is Upside Down     2:52
Hey Tiger     2:44
(You're A) Dirty Liar     2:48
Crackin' Up     2:39
Cry     2:16
Just In Case You're Wondering (Live)     2:15
Crawling Back To Me     2:19
From Above     2:53
Losing Myself     2:03
Forever Alone     3:08
Me Needing You     2:30
I'm Gonna Make You Mine     3:05
At The River's Edge (Live)     2:32
Satisfy You (Live)     1:56
It's Just A Matter Of Time     3:02
One Girl     2:45
It's Not Me     3:49
No Surprise     3:37
Bye Bye Baby     3:12
Too Many Lovers     2:25
Promise     3:17