TRABANTS -Mantra” b/w “Surfers On Acid

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The result of a years-long process to distill the ultimate hybrid of instrumental surf and psychedelic bliss, “Mantra” and “Surfers On Acid” was conceived as the definitive psych-surf single and timeless summer soundtrack.

“Mantra” picks up where Trabants’ 2015 album on Lolipop Records, FREAKOUT, left off, inspired by the psychedelic sounds of the ‘60s while chasing and embracing the era’s righteously primitive fuzz effects. The result is a perfect audible accompaniment to your own psychedelic trip, however you may wish to bring it on. “Mantra” is the temple. It is personal. It is pure. It is love distilled into its simplest form. We all have a mantra within, and if we are willing to listen deeply, we may find a wiser version of ourselves reflecting back in the mirror of the eternal Now.

An aural ride through the tumultuous, exotic waves of an alien terrain, “Surfers On Acid” is an idea brought to fruition via vintage sounds and methods, fusing surf and psychedelia into one symbiotic piece of music. Trabants leader Eric Penna explains: “Being a true chaser of authentic sounds, I spent years trying to find a unique and rare specimen in the pantheon of guitar effects to bring this song to life the way I heard it in my mind. My acquisition of an original Tychobrahe Octavia played through a classic and pristine blonde Fender Showman (borrowed from none other than the modern instrumental band Satan’s Pilgrims) brought the sound out of my mind and into the physical realm. 

Rhythmic, reverb-drenched and brimming with layers of (forwards and) backwards guitar, these mind-and-body focused songs are also a response to the enigmatic mention of surf music in the lyrics of Jimi Hendrix’s “Third Stone From The Sun”, which Hendrix apparently was transmitting to fellow left-handed guitar hero and surf music legend Dick Dale: “And you’ll never hear surf music again (that sounds like a lie to me).”

Singles are pressed on 7-inch, 45 rpm vinyl records.