VIDA -ST (80s style SST all star band) CD

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Vida Review by Jack Rabid

Produced by Eddie Ashworth. An SST all-star band, Vida is guitarist Dez Cadena (Black Flag's third and last singer before Henry Rollins) teaming up with Minutemen/fIREHOSE drummer George Hurley (plus guitarist Tom Troccoli out of Tom Troccoli's Dog and bassist Bill Bowman). Notably, they're named after the fourth LP, Vida (1989), by Cadena's in-between band, DC3. As with DC3, and later-era Flag material with Cadena on second guitar, that unfortunately means sludgy, distended, and capacious '70s hard rock guitar complete with soporific solos. It's up to Cadena's unnerving voice (his quiet intensity) and Hurley's speedy, rat-a-tat work to save this CD, and songs such as "My Cup Is Half Full" show some life.

Those into the later-'80s SST sound will love this; all others avoid like mad cow disease