Jan 14, 2022

Weekend and new on ALIVE!

Just in, the new BEECHWOOD album on Alive on clear red vinyl, the insert version is a BOMP MAILORDER exclusive, only 100 made. Give the guys some love and get your copy today!!

"Whenever I listen to Beechwood, I am reminded of the depth they achieve and how fearlessly they let it all hang out there. “Sleep Without Dreaming” is really, really good. They’ve got something unique and cool happening here.” – HENRY ROLLINS

Balancing the sonic edge of mid-seventies proto-punk bands such as NY Dolls and Television with the pop sensibility of classic rock groups such as the Kinks, the Stones and even the Beatles, NYC rock band Beechwood is authentically rock and roll.

OR get all 4 of their albums in a bundle for just $75, 3 of them on glorious STARBURST vinyl and the one on clear red, with an autograph too! The starburst vinyl technique was used only by Rainbo Records here in Los Angeles, and they are now out of business, so anything pressed on starburst is sure to be a future collectible.

We've also got some cool new arrivals and a bunch of previously sold out items back in stock!

AND... GREAT NEWS, we now have a way to send Australian and New Zealand orders at a reasonable price, so go ahead and order! For you guys that have been patiently waiting, we will send Monday. The bad news is that it’s slow, but that’s true of everything nowadays.

Thanks for all,
Suzy Shaw

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BADFINGER- Timeless The Musical legacy Label:APPLE NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP. Unsealed but mint. CD $10 SKU:24942

HARRY NILSSON- Original Album Classics - 5CD BOX Label:SONY NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP. Unsealed but mint.
Originally released 1968, 1969, 1971 / 1972, 1973, 1988, 2002, 2004 2009 CD $20 SKU:24943

KING CRIMSON -40th Anniversary Series-n The Court Of The Crimson King -CDand DVD-Label:DISCIPLINE NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMPMint discs but bx has a few scuffs, not sealed..
CD content:
1. 2009 Stereo Mix remixed from the original multitrack master tapes
2. Bonus tracks - notes:
Moonchild (Full Version): As Robert chose to feature the edit of Moonchild in the album running order, the full version is included here.
I Talk To The Wind (Duo Version): An alternate take featuring just Robert Fripp & Ian McDonald.
I Talk To The Wind (Alternate Mix): An alternate take featuring different solos.
Wind Session: Extracts from the session that produced the distinctive intro to 21st Century Schizoid Man.
DVD content:
1. Original album remixed in MLP Lossless 5.1 Surround* and DTS 5.1 Digital Surround**
2. Original album mix (2004 master edition), 2009 stereo album mix, CD bonus tracks and Alternate takes album in MLP Lossless Stereo (24/96)* and PCM Stereo 2.0*** (24/48)
3. Video content (Audio: mono) CD $15 SKU:24946

OTIS REDDING- Pain in My Heart-Label:ATLANTIC Japanese version NOTE: Archive copy previously owned by either the owner of ALIVE or BOMP. Unsealed CD $10 SKU:24944

JEFF CARNEY - Live Electronic Music-Label:LION Jeff Carney's sophomore effort for audioFile (1989) could not have been criticized were it to have remained in similar territory as the electronic wall of sound he had created on Imperfect Space Journeys. Instead, he created a more sparse, evolving tapestry of analog timbres. Using an exclusively vintage analog arsenal and recording live without overdubbing, Carney pushed forward with new ideas and uniquely developing sweeps of filter madness. The side-long 'Questions (Unanswered)’ is immensely innovative: the sounds are at once organic and of the earth, yet futuristic in their skyward drones and hypnotic hooks. Additional layers are gradually added, like a bubbling alien swarm tone that comes in successive falling surges, followed by cosmic whooshing and howling rushes of wind. The effect is simultaneously meditative and intense.

And live. As Carney said, "I was quite proud because I managed to essentially perform the entire composition without error. Just about every sound came in at the right level. Every part was performed without mistake. And nothing was adjusted or corrected. This was what happened on the spot.” Carney explores different territory on the two B-side tracks: ‘ARP 2600 Improvisation’ is like a master class of cosmic effects. It feels like the soundtrack to a 1950s sci-fi movie, recalling Forbidden Planet’s most electrifying moments, but also at times sounding like sci-fi flick meets battle-in-space video game. ‘Pensive Mood’ roars out of the starting gate with a high octane electronic arpeggiated pattern, creating a somewhat white-knuckled brand of “pensive” contemplation. This is the most minimal piece of the set, with the incessant, almost imperceptibly evolving arrangement having a somewhat edge-of-your-seat hypnotic effect.

The album was completely uninfluenced by the digital trends that were dominating the era, and stands as a landmark example of the uncompromising ethos adopted by many artists of the 1980's underground. Featuring an all new essay and interview with Jeff Carney by Jerry Kranitz (author of the "Cassette Culture" book and publisher for nearly two decades of Aural Innovations), this is the definitive reissue of Live Electronic Music.

•24bit/96kHz transfers taken from the original analog tapes
•Mastered for vinyl by legendary Krautrock musician and sound engineer Eroc
•Recorded live without overdubbing using exclusively vintage analog equipment
•Comes with an eight-page LP-sized color insert booklet written by Jerry Kranitz (author of Cassette Culture and publisher for nearly two decades of Aural Innovations) LP $24 SKU:24941


13th FLOOR ELEVATORS- Bull of the Woods 2cd set w booklet ( 60s psych ) - Label:CHARLY “Bull of the Woods” is the third studio album by The 13th Floor Elevators, and the last on which they worked as a group. The album is noted for its moody, dreamy, and fuzzed-out psychedelic sound. The first disc of this edition is dedicated to the lost 'third' album: “A Love That's Sound”, which features alternate recordings taken from the original acetate, 2-track master and multitrack masters. The second disc is a new mastering of the album proper, as released. Genre-defining, pioneering, unique and utterly timeless, The 13th Floor Elevators continue to influence and inspire new generations of musicians. R. E. M., The Jesus And Mary Chain, Primal Scream, ZZ Top, Spacemen 3, Echo and the Bunnymen, Julian Cope and many more have covered their songs. This mid-price 2CD edition of 'Bull of the Woods' is the ultimate deluxe edition of the album. It is presented in jewel case packaging complete with a detailed 16-page booklet written by band expert Paul Drummond. CD $17 SKU:24835

DRUIDS-Burnt Offering( 1969 acoustic folk) -Label:ATOM The Druids were a superb acoustic folk quintet formed in 1969, who started a little too late to achieve the major popularity of outfits like Steeleye Span and Fairport Convention, although they were very well respected across the UK. The cover design, containing The Wicker Colossus of the Druids (depicting a scene like something out of the denouement to The Wicker Man), showed that the group meant business, and they had the musical smarts to back it up. There's not a dull or predictable moment here, whether they're singing of lust (‘The Cuckoo's Nest’), plague victims (‘Gabriel John’), or romantic woes (‘The Butcher and the Parson'), as well as a straight acoustic rendition of one version of ‘A Sailor's Life,’ a song that became something of a concert standard for Fairport Convention as an extended electric piece. Itinerant fiddler Dave Broughton joined them, and in 1970, while appearing in a documentary film about English folk musicians, they met fifth member Judi Longden, who added her voice to the proceedings. With their reliance on acoustic instruments, the Druids were far more tradition-based than either Fairport Convention or Steeleye Span. Their repertory consisted of traditional English, Scottish, Welsh, and Irish songs arranged for four voices, and their music had a pleasingly archaic feel, not resembling folk-rock at all. If anything, they sounded more like the kind of outfit that A.L. Lloyd or Ralph Vaughan Williams (editors of the definitive collection of English folk songs) would have approved of, without a trace of uncalled for elegance or pretentiousness. Burnt Offerings is the first time on CD and deserves to be out there sharing a piece of Folk history that allows the world to see how it is done.CD $12 SKU:24840

JEAN-EMMANUEL DELUXE-Rouen Dreams (psych/weird-pop)-Label:LION The 2019 full-length by author and musician Jean-Emmanuel Deluxe is a psych/weird-pop album that follows the concept of "Hollywood seen through the eyes of a Frenchman who has never been there". If you like to immerse yourself in weird popisms, in sweet and syrupy madness, then roll up for the mystery tour! The LP includes contributions from Sean O'Hagan of the High Llamas, Werner "Zappi" Diemaier (the iconoclastic drummer of the cult Kraurock band Faust) and Kevin Coral, who's known from an army of heady pop mavens. CD edition, comes with 12-page color booklet. Edition of 300x copies, of which only 60x are available for distribution in the US Titles include "Lushy Life", "The Girl Who Was Talking In Reverse", "Claire", "La Gourveneur De California", "Hollywood Parties", and "Comme Une Video Sta CD $10 SKU:21237

MARIE CELESTE- And Then Perhaps (70s psych folk private press) -Label:AUDIO ARCHIVES A remastered CD-edition of one of the rarest privately pressed LP's from the UK's early '70s psych/prog folk boom. The material combines covers with outstanding self-penned tunes, featuring haunting twin female vocals. Recommended to fans of Spirogyra, early Steeleye Span, Spriguns, Trader Horne and Mellow Candle. CD $10 SKU:24845

TOWNES VAN ZANDT -Flyin' Shoes Mini-LP sleeve- Label:CHARLY Another stalwart collection from Townes Van Zandt. The melodies here are strong, the lyrics full of Van Zandt's razor sharp insight, and the production is sparse and to the point, bringing to mind the inconspicuous polish of High, Low and in Between. The feel here is a balance between folk and country, with Van Zandt's voice and guitar up front, letting the songs speak for themselves. The tunes are full of heartbreak and hopelessness, making it a great album to put on during, or right after, the breakup of an affair. ‘No Place to Fall’ sports one of Van Zandt's strongest melodies with a melancholy chorus that immediately imbeds itself in your mind. Pedal steel, a brief mandolin solo, and almost inaudible percussion add to the despairing feel of the track. ‘When She Don't Need Me’ is another hopeless love song, this time with a Tex-Mex feel and a measured tempo that wrings every bit of drama out of the lyric. The title track has to be one of Van Zandt's saddest songs; images of winter, desolate hillsides, and loneliness complement an achingly beautiful melody. On the slightly brighter side, there's an Everly Brothers influenced country-rock take of Bo Diddley's ‘Who Do You Love.’ ‘Brother Flower,’ a striking meditation on mortality and the impermanence of love, has a melody that recalls Gordon Lightfoot's ‘Don Quixote’ while ‘Dollar Bill Blues’ is a sea shanty celebrating gambling, booze, self-destruction, and the desperate late-night search for love, or maybe just sex.” —AllMusic CD $14 SKU:24862

TURTLES-Turtle Soup DBL CD- Label:EDSEL The Turtles enjoyed eighteen US hit singles between 1965 and 1970, three of which (‘Happy Together,’ ‘She’d Rather Be With Me,’and ‘Elenore’) were also huge hits in the UK. The Turtles traversed several different musical paths during their career. It is precisely this power through diversity that makes the Turtles’ body of work one of the most rewarding and enjoyable of the 1960’s. October 1969’s “Turtle Soup” was the group’s most consistent album, as well as their only to feature all original material from the pens of the band members. Produced by Ray Davies of The Kinks in Hollywood, it remains the only complete rock album that Davies helmed outside of his legendary band. Inspired by The Kinks, The Turtles turned in ditties like ‘Bachelor Mother,’ the fanciful ‘John And Julie,’ as well as the more muscular ‘Come Over.’ “Turtle Soup’’s” real standouts include ‘You Don’t Have To Walk In The Rain’ and ‘Love In The City,’ both issued as hit singles prior to the album’s release. The bonus CD features six songs from the band’s abandoned follow-up album “Shell Shock,” produced by Jerry Yester, as well as demos and outtakes from “Turtle Soup.” This 2xCD digipak edition has been newly re-mastered by Bill Inglot. Booklet notes by Andrew Sandoval. CD $15 SKU:24861

GARY CROWLEY’S PUNK AND NEW WAVE (77 Tracks Rare Punk Gems And New Wave Nuggets 1977 - 1982)TRIPLE CD BoxLabel:EDSEL Veteran UK DJ and broadcaster Gary Crowley has curated Gary Crowley’s Punk and New Wave, a triple CD box set that seeks to avoid the usual ‘classic anthems’ and rather opts for a quirkier selection of punk/new wave singles from 1977-1982. Contains 77 tracks originally released between 1977 - 1982, including many for the first time on CD.
COMP CD $24 SKU:24889

O.P.M.C. -Amalgamation (1970 acid psych w insert)Label:WAH WAH A splendid vinyl reissue of this much sought after psych LP by a great Dutch-British duo, consisting of Barrie Webb and Teun van der Slikke, who were joined by a host of highly regarded guest musicians. Originally released in 1970 by Pink Elephant, the music is a wonderful mixture of druggy folk, spacy guitar and haunting melodies that some sources have considered to be vaguely reminiscent of Love's 'Forever Changes'. They were located in Amsterdam's red light district, which is why they called themselves Oldest Profession(al) Music Company, or in short O.P.M.C. This reissue comes with remastered sound, a quality glossy laminated sleeve reproducing the original artwork, bonus tracks and an insert with photos and liner notes. Limited edition of only 500 copies. LP $28 SKU:24773

OMNIBUS - ST (70s psych double LP plus 7”) - Label:WAH WAH New Jersey's Omnibus formed from the ashes of garage bands from the New Milford area: The Cliffhangers, The Forerunners and The Vandals. Original members came from these three local bands and consisted of Jay Polt, Al Raimondi, Bob Wegrzyn, Bobby Marcinczack and Jerry Garino. They soon hit the local scene and got in touch with brothers Steve and Eric Nathanson who would become their managers and finance their first recordings. A United Artists recording deal was the next step, through wich the band issued their debut 45 "The Man Song" / "It's All In Your Heart" plus their eponymous LP in 1970. Omnibus had an amazing psychedelic sound that took all the right elements from West Coast bands like The Doors or The Jefferson Airplane, Bosstown sound acts like Ultimate Spinach or Chicago hipsters like H.P. Lovecraft to produce their very own Made in Milford, N.J. mixture. Strong, dramatic vocals, tons of fuzz guitar and swirling organs built up their magic sound. Wah Wah proudly offers the first ever reissue of their original 1970 album, plus a whole second LP compiling previously unreleased recordings from rare acetates with earlier recordings of some of the LP tracks and some non released songs. Also added is an extra bonus 7" with the garage killer "The Farm", which would have been an explosive 45 for the band had not been withdrawn from release. A luxury remastered 2LP + bonus 7" set that includes a facsimile of a vintage Omnibus gig poster in a gatefold package respecting the original artwork, plus an 8 page booklet with photos, lyrics and liner notes written by Jay Polt himself and reissue curator Ezra Lesser - all this in a strictly limited edition of only 500 copies, get yours while still available! If you like bands like The Doors, The Children, Ultimate Spinach, The Beacon Street Union, Fever Tree or Clear Light you ought to have this one on your collection LP $45 SKU:21159

OZ KNOZZ Live Mix( US 70s private press hard rock/prog)Label:ShroomAngel Records/Ozone •First time release for these official rare professional live recordings•Limited pressing vinyl issue, mixed from the original multi-track reelsPure and original Texas hard rock/progressive rock: red-hot wah-wah blasting guitars, heavy Hammond keyboards accented with Moogs and other synthesizers, with rock-solid bottom end, and furious, slightly jazzy drums. Formed in 1969 in Houston, TX, Oz Knozz's 1975 debut LP, “Ruff Mix," has become a hot property on the collector’s circuit because, quite simply, the album is killer. People have wondered if there was anything more from Oz Knozz? Well, for forty-five years a handful of tapes sat in a warehouse, having survived a fire, the tape boxes even bearing singe marks as their battle scars. It is from these tapes that this live album is now born — and all we can say is that if you love the studio album, you are in for a special treat. The material here spans the years 1974-1979, and apart from the first track on side A, all are mixed from the original multi-track reels. As on “Ruff Mix,” the three-part 'Doodley Squat’ suite features heavy dual keyboard parts and crunchy guitars and expressive vocals; the result is a terrific Hard Prog track with lot of energy. Vocals are expressive and sit nicely atop the progressive (sometimes AOR-tinged) hard rock. We’re thrilled to be a part of the absolute debut of these stellar live recordings. A wild blast of flamethrower rock! LP $24 SKU:24301