GENESIS (URUGUAY) - S/T (70s rock/psych) CD

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This is the first ever reissue , and comes with a nice booklet w/ linernotes and pictures, and great remastered sound.

This Genesis comes from Columbia, and its a shame they used such a common name, as their music is absolutely unique! Founded by Humberto Monroy (ex-Speakers) in the very early 70s, they released a bunch of lps, of which this is the second one. This same titled album, their second, was recorded in March 1974 and released by Famoso (a Codiscos sub-label). Unusual and charming sound in the folk, rock & psychedelic veins, but always with a wonderful Andinean folk feel. Most of the tracks are written by Humberto but the more famous number included on the album, which received a lot of radio airplay in Columbia at the time, was a chilling cover of "Como decirte cuanto te amo" by Cat Stevens. Also, the psychedelic sounding "Don Simon" was probably their major success..