SEOMPI-Guns in the Skies (the Black Sabbath of Texas,- 70's style psych rock) CD

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Available on CD is a spectacular compilation of early '70s recordings from Texas-based cult hard-psych/space-rock outfit Seompi, including eight previously unreleased cuts and more. 'Guns In The Skies' proves that Seompi ranks up there with all the other legendary Texas heavies such as The 13th Floor Elevators, The Zakary Thaks, Golden Dawn, Bubble Puppy, Moving Sidewalks, ZZ Top and Johnny Winter.


“While releasing only three singles in the early 1970's, Seompi's mystique has continued to grow through the ensuing decades. Three posthumous releases issued in the late 1990's only added to Seompi's aura—even though two were off speed and the third has been long out of print.  This was the status quo for the past couple of decades until now with the release of "Guns In The Skies".  Starting off with the hard rocker "AWOL" and then spacing out with the fourteen minute unreleased opus titled "Synergy Squares", Seompi takes you on a trip back to 1971 when Austin, Texas was the stomping ground for their brand of Psychedelic Space Rock.