VINCENT, SONNY - Resistor PLUS 2 (high energy kick ass PUNK!) GOLD VINYL 45 RPM

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His music - urgent, raw and wild. A great songwriter with something to say. I am a fan!
(Joey Ramone, The Ramones)

Sonny Vincent (vocalist, guitarist, songwriter) has come a long way since starting his circle in 1976 with "Testors", a seminal New York City punk band. Back then Sonny was performing at local venues like CBGB's and Max's Kansas City but, in sharp contrast to so many of the other more trendy NY bands at the time, the Testors ended up remaining a well-known secret. Perhaps this was caused by Sonny Vincent's inability to fit in on the oh-so-arty New York scene with his straightforward guitar-based punk rock and plainspoken lyrics.

In the years since then, Sonny has fronted a host of groups incl. Shotgun Rationale, Model Prisoner, the Dons and a whole slew of other bands as Sonny Vincent & something or the other (e.g. His Rat Race Choir, The Guevaras, The Extreme, etc.). Artists Sonny has worked with in these bands include Captain Sensible (Damned), Cheetah Chrome (Dead Boys), Ron & Scott Asheton (Iggy & The Stooges), Bob Stinson (Replacements), and Moe Tucker (Velvet Underground) to name a few.

Lately, though, the man has come full circle and is performing and releasing his music simply as Sonny Vincent. Sonny's guitar is as loud as ever, his vocals are as gutsy as ever, his music is as relevant as ever. This single, his latest effort, is plenty proof that Sonny Vincent still stands for high energy, high octane, kick ass, unpolished, honest, and loud as hell punk rock ‘n' roll like it was meant to be played. That's all this record is and all it sets out to be.

Sonny: Vocals & Guitar
Stephan: Bass
Bernward: Drums

Reviews of Sonny Vincent's "Resistor" 7" EP (NDN 23):

"After almost 25 years this guy is still kicking out quality music. Furious punk and roll that will more than likely knock your socks off. Faster paced, lots of guitar and just delivered like he's going for the knockout punch. This thing fucking rocks. With a song titled "Bringing The Psycho Back Home", you know you're in for something good." (Maximumrocknroll #209, October 2000)

"Guitar overdrive mayhem garage rock experimentation. Brings to mind Death Valley Sonic Youth, but without so much Sonic Youth. Like maybe in the same arena as Rudolph Grey, but there's an angry voice through the mix making me think of some hot rod punks out for the night. It's very grease stained, but also carrying something fuzzed and swirled through the noise. A darker version of Thee Hypnotics, a lighter shade of noise. It's full blown revolution Detroit distorted style on the other side of the single, and it drives, drives... drives." (INK 19, Fall 2000)

"Holy Shit! I'd heard this guy's name before but had never actually heard him. This cult hero of the late 70s New York scene lays down several tracks of fast, crude punk that suggest metal crossover via Motorhead more than the Clash. Three songs with guitar tones that could peel paint, gruff vocals, and a hint of what this genre can be when done right. The down side is there are only three songs here. However, even with that, it's still killer." (The Trouble With Normal #48, 2000)

"Sonny Vincent (NDN 23) - a guy that was playing at Max's Kansas City in ‘76 and now revels in raw distorted chainsaw rock ‘n' roll with a great in yer face feel. All 3 tracks feature amazing guitar playing with cool solos - real mind blowers. He's worked with many famous names and I can see why." (Here Be Monsters #21, September 2000)

"Three new songs by this grizzled veteran. Sonny's three piece lineup kicks out the vintage punk jams here. Sizzlin' guitar and a raw sound with more than a hint of Detroit, adding a dose of speed for "Resistor" and "Bringing The Psycho Back Home". Sonny plays a mean guitar too." (Suburban Voice #44, 2000)

"High-speed rock that takes as much from Jon Spencer as it does from a band like Nashville Pussy. But this guy can play guitar like a motherfucker. He's got the style, he's got the sound, he's got the flash... Dirty, energetic and fucking fast. This guy makes a lot of those punk dudes look like friggin' dorks!!!!!" (Caustic Truths #76, November/December 2000)

"This guy was playing punk when ½ of you guys were still shitting your pants. Well Sonny Vincent is truly old school with a str8 up ‘77 NYC punk feel, and his new 7" is fueled by wild edge punk rock n roll with turbo screaming guitars that echoes out hints of the Dead Boys, Iggy destroy it all, added with a Jon Spencer Blues X rock n roll feel. Added to the Cramps sickness with the 90's craziness of the Candy Snatchers and the speed of Zeke. Just mega cool stuff that's like rock n roll heroin to a music junkie." (Toxic Flyer #31, 2000)