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Lots of new arrivals for you guys! Check out the list! And GOSPELBEACH continues to KILL IT!!! Not a day goes by that another review doesn't roll in, the STARBURST copies will be gone soon, so get in on history and have something to leave to the grandkids, sure to be pricey in a few years!

GLIDE MAGAZINE says “GospelbeacH has attained a gold standard of the sort set by so many of Rademaker’s heroes — McGuinn, Clark and Hillman included. Ultimately, that’s a gospel one can swear by. – READ THE REVIEW HERE

Also, check the latest arrivals from the great 60’s garage label DIONYSUS too!

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CALICO WALL- I'M A LIVING SICKNESS / FLIGHT REACTION - RED VINYL 1967-Label:GET HIP The Calico Wall’s music transcended their short-lived rise in 1967 and defined the term “psychedelic” in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The band’s definitive single “I’m a Living Sickness,” with its ominous organ intro, fuzz-drenched tremolo guitar, snarling vocals and intense lyrics, had only seen the light of day as a limited bootleg pressing—until now. Get Hip Archive Series has finally reissued this classic rarity, long considered the holy grail of 1960s Garage-Psych, with the highest possible sound quality. Also included is the original instrumental track to the acid-dripping “Flight Reaction.” - Jim 45 RPM $14 SKU:18768

DOGS -SLASH YOUR FACE - 1978 E.P-Label:LAST LAUGH Reissue of The Dog's 1978 EP, originally released on Detroit Records. Features "Slash Your Face," "Fed Up," and "Are You a Boy Or Are You a Girl?" (2017) 45 RPM $10 SKU:18516

PAGANS -SIX & CHANGE (1977 RECORDING )-Label:DANGER Official reissue of the first Pagans' single. Originally released in 1977 on Neck. You ain't no punk, you punk! Don't sleep, 500 only! "So atonal, amateurish and damn great. Two chords and the talent to sing out of tune. You didn’t need more then that to form your very own punk rock band. And The Pagans realized that. Can’t think of a single record released in 1977 that sounds more PUNK then this. You know in the sense how it was portrayed in the media and conceived by the masses. The Pagans released some seven inches after this that where miles better but then again concidering it was done in 1977 all by themself…" (kbdrecords) 45 RPM $10 SKU:18388

BUHL, J.D. -LITTLE VICTORIES 1978-1985 (CALIFORNIA POP)-Label:MIGHTY MOUTH MUSIC .D. Buhl is Berkeley, California's best-kept pop secret. After fronting an early version of late-70s new wave group the Jars, he led his own band the Believers through the first half of the 1980s. These bands existed during an exciting period of music history, a time when pop-driven rock n' roll had no rules, expectations or boundaries. Little Victories 1978-1985 hand picks twelve songs from the rare and out of print J.D. Buhl catalog (some unreleased) and presents them in a complete, cohesive collection. J.D. says it best, as he describes his songwriting as being "clever and hooky, about drive, feel and guitar riffs and out to capture imaginations." If you're a sucker for passionate vocals and music with a danceable beat, give J.D. Buhl a listen. Recommended for fans of the Nerves, Paul Collins Beat, the Plimsouls, the Go-Gos, the Textones, Joe "King" Carrasco and the Fleshtones. LP $16 SKU:18514

CHEATER SLICKS -ON YOUR KNEES-Label:ALMOST READY Long-awaited reissue of the first Cheater Slicks full length, recorded during their Boston tenure during the 80s. Originally released via the Gadawful label in 1989 and quickly disappearing, "On Your Knees" has sat atop many a Slicks fan's wantlist until now. Recorded as a four-piece with Merle Allin on bass, the Slicks run through eleven numbers with the same intensity and weathered guitar-storm they would still be unleashing on the world over 25 years later. Contains tracks such as "Bruno's Night Out", "I Won't Last Another Day", "Chaos" and "I've Been Had" that remain among their best and begins their habit of recovering forgotten gems from the past, covering Mad Mike & The Maniacs ("The Hunch") and The Bell Tones ("A Sad Guitar"). An essential piece of the Slicks' discography, but aren't they all? LP $16 SKU:18515

DION -KICKIN' CHILD: THE LOST ALBUM 1965 - (GATEFOLD)-Label:NORTON Dion's lost 1965 Columbia album finally arrives (52 years late) in all its blueswailin', folk-blazin', rock n' stormin' glory. Cut in '65 by producer Tom Wilson, it was slated, then shelved--for reasons revealed in the liners! Absolutely essential. (2017) LP $16 SKU:18770

NIGHTSTICK-BLOTTER - COLOR VINYL(HEAVY STONER PSYCH 1995) Label:ARMAGEDDON A Heavy psychedelic bummer rock masterpiece from 1995. Six loud and pummelling transmissions from the streets of Weymouth directly to your skull. A sonic boot to the head. SIEGE drummer Robert Williams powers this sonic trip through some extremely heavy territory. Pink Floyd meets Flipper under a collapsing bridge, Lydia Lunch meets the Brainbombs and they take acid together, Black Sabbath meets Funkadelic while Kilslug throws empty beer bottles at them both. We file this in the "fucked up music" category alongside Flipper, Brainbombs, Kilslug, Drunks With Guns. If SIEGE's Grim Reaper was ever to be completely extended to band status, this is it. You will either be on board for this trip, or you will not be. We are definitely on the boat.Some words on Blotter: "I was at Armageddon Shop in Providence again the other day and once again they were playing something that caught my ear. This time it was NIGHTSTICK. Slow, super fuzzed out, distorted stoner rock with LOTS of feedback! The first track on the CD is basically a 10 minute distorted bass solo, but the rest of the band kicks in after about 5 minutes of fuzz for the chorus part. Super Noizy. Super Awesome." vinylnoize dot com
LP $18 SKU:18668

TELEPHONE LOVERS- ST COLOR VINYL (LA POWERPOP)-Label:DISCONNECTED My immediate response to first hearing Telephone Lovers was to surmise that the band had to be from Los Angeles. I got that right, although I may have been about 40 years off in pinning down the time frame! Telephone Lovers' self-titled debut just screams "L.A. power pop" - and in my mind I see this band sharing a stage with The Nerves or 20/20 in 1977. Telephone Lovers take it back to a time when power pop was one of our purest forms of rock n' roll - coming on like modern day heirs to the likes of Dwight Twilley, The Raspberries, Flamin' Groovies, and Scruffs. Even with an added pinch of New York Dolls/Hollywood Brats street tough glamour, the vibe here is so perfectly mid-'70s power pop that it's not hard to imagine any of these tracks turning up on the old Rhino Come Out and Play compilation.LP $16 SKU:18455

BROOD- Hitsville (60s garage girls)-Label:DIONYSUS The world's best loved girl-garage group on their third full-length. A '60s garage blast that transcends time! CD $10 SKU:18882

BROOD- Beyond the Valley(60s garage girls)-Label:DIONYSUS The world's best loved girl-garage group on their third full-length. A '60s garage blast that transcends time! CD $10 SKU:18883

GIMMIES-Phonic Souls-(Japanese STOOGES /MC5 style)Label:DIONYUS From Japan co- mes another onslaught of in your face rock 'n' roll. The screaming guitars tap into the Detroit sounds of THE STOOGES and the MC5. Shrapnel filled Motor City punk like their Japanese bretheren GUITAR WOLF, JET BOY and TEENGENERATE. CD $10 SKU:1997

MARSHMALLOW OVERCOAT - 26 Ghosts PLUS DVD (Garage)Label:DIONYSUS The Best Of 1986-2005. Enhanced CD features 26 songs plus a multi-media section with liner notes, 100’s of band photos and newspaper articles. 2nd disc is an hour-long DVD that includes MTV videos, plus new and never before seen footage. This collection presents the band's favorite tracks from all their previous releases since 1986, and adds new tracks recorded in 2004 & 2005 CD $10 SKU:18881

SATELLITERS- Hashish (Germany's high-priests of 60s garage acid psych) - Label:DIONYSUS Crazy German garagesters THE SATELLITERS have put together all the sounds they dig, and all the experience the have from being together ten years for this , their fifth album for Dionysus! Hashish brings you 12 new mind-bending garage-punkers which shows their development from a full on raging lo-fi garage band in the ‘90s to a full on raging higher-fi garage band in for the new millennium. This is the real HASHISH and a total rock ‘n’ roll mind-melt! CD $10 SKU:18885

SMEARS - in the garage (60s girl-garage thing!) Label:DIONYSUS Bloomington's sleaze-punk babes do the '60s girl-garage thing! This even looks like an album from the "Girls In The Garage" series. OK, the Smears are long gone but this album is here to stay! CD $10 SKU:18886

YARD TRAUMA - Face To Face (garage psych)-Label:DIONYUS The groups third album released in 1988 finds them transitioning from retro garage-band to a monster steamroller incorporating many influences. Includes as a bonus their 1984 12" release. 18 tracks...we only have a few left and it will probably never come back in print! CD $10 SKU:17482


FIENDS- GRAVEDIGGER (CLASSIC 60S GARAGE BAND COVERS)Label:DIONYSUS A 14 song fuzz-fest with a smokin' set of originals and some classic Canadian '60s garage band covers. Celebrate Halloween all year round. LP $5 SKU:18043


MONDAY, FLORIAN & HIS MONDOS -I'M CRYING (GARAGE PUNK)-Label:NORTON BW / RIP IT, RIP IT UP- Double A-sider from the king of all garage punkdom, Sir Florian Monday! Every day is Monday when you take this sucker for a spin. FLORIAN MONDAY FOREVER! 45 RPM $8 SKU:18150

NEW YORK DOLLS-PERSONALITY CRISIS/TRASH(PINK)-Label:NORTON Now on a vinyl single, here are the tracks of a 1973 Paul Nelson-produced demo. You get two of the band's top smash hits on creamy-dreamy pink vinyl! 45 RPM $8.5 SKU:18144

SHINDIG!-#57 BEACH BOYS COVER: PET SOUNDS AT 50 Features The Beach Boys 50 years of Pet Sounds. Exclusive Brian Wilson interview BOOKS & MAGS $11 SKU:17769


VERTIGO SWIRL LABEL-WORLDWIDE DISCOGRAPHY & PRICE GUIDE: 2nd EDITIONLabel: 2nd Edition (2016)320 pages Hardcover binding,Written by Ulrich Klatte and Marcel KoopmanImported from Germany,Contains 320 pages of essential VERTIGO SWIRL LABEL record collecting data - covering label numbers, release dates and current mint values, and with additional information such as listings of musicians, producers, engineers, designers, track listings, etc.Every UK and GERMANY VERTIGO SWIRL record album is individually pictured, described and reviewed, in detail and with precision. Twice as much pages and 100 coloured photos more than previous edition.A total of more than 400 brilliantly coloured pictures of every VERTIGO SWIRL LP and 45 will give you an in-depth impression of this fascinating and intensively collected PROGRESSIVE ROCK label. The book comes with a firm hard-cover, fibre binding, and high-quality enamelled paper throughout. The book is written in English completely and is a MUST own for fans and collectors of progressive music. BOOKS & MAGS $45 SKU:17388

1313 MOCKINGBIRD LANE-HAVE HEARSE WILL TRAVEL (DELUXE ED.) --Label:CACOPHONE 26th Anniversary Deluxe Edition,First-ever repressing since its original 1990 release,First-ever issue on CD Contains tons of newly exhumed memorabilia and interviews CD $15 SKU:17728

SYNDICATE, THE -The Egyptian Thing : L.A. Garage 1965 (in-depth insert written by Ugly Things' Mike Stax with a cache of photos)-Label: BREAK-A-WAY The story of the Syndicate runs along similar lines to countless other rock’n’roll bands in the mid-sixties. They got together to have fun, made some noise on the local teen scene, recorded a couple of singles, made a vain grasp for the brass ring, then vanished into thin air—all within the space of two magical years: 1965 and 1966. What makes the Syndicate special, though, is those two hard-to-find singles. “My Baby’s Barefoot” and “The Egyptian Thing”, both released in 1965 are two of the most savage, hot-wired blasts of Punk R&B mayhem ever etched into wax, while the flipside of “The Egyptian Thing,” “She Haunts You” showed the group were equally adept at moody, minor-key material. The “Egyptian Thing” album presents the band’s four A's & B's alongside four unreleased, same-calibre tracks from the same period, and an earlier 45 by the Ris-Kays featuring Syndicate front man Bill Rash. An in-depth insert written by Ugly Things' Mike Stax with a cache of photos compiles the legacy of a band, whose 45s are among the top wanted items in their genre, making this release the ultimate Syndicate collection and an unforgettable garage punk adventure.CD $16 SKU:15963

LAVENDER JUNGLE - Tempting Treats from the Land of Exotica (
Lounge, Surf, Rock & Roll )-Label:SENOR CHARRO Essentially the third volume of the 'Jungle Exotica' series, this purports to be from an imaginary record label: 'Senor Charro Records' 33 tracks of ultra-rare, banned-by-the-FBI lounge, exotica and exotic rock'n'roll from the vaults of Senor Charro Records of West Hollywood: 1959-1972. Packed with luscious glossies of the beefcake performers and detailed liners from the label president! Never before has this hidden music been documented! CD version is a super gorgeous 16-page full-color book! COMP CD $14 SKU:18356

TRIP IN TYME -Vol 5- 22 time travelling US '60s garage jewels-Label:MANIC MUSTANG COMP CD $16 SKU:18363

TRANS-WORLD PUNK RAVE UP!- Vol. 1- 8-cut blaster is fulla wailin' 60s Euro beat/R&B howl!-Label:CRAWDAD ESSENTIAL!!!! This 18-cut blaster is fulla wailin' 60s Euro beat/R&B howl! COMP LP $14 SKU:18358

TRANS-WORLD PUNK RAVE UP!- Vol. 2 -13 blastin' R&B/punk tunes - Label:CRAWDAD ESSENTIAL!!!! 13 blastin' R&B/punk tunes from Europe plus 2 from New Zealand and 1 French-Canadian outfit. COMP LP $14 SKU:18359

TURN TO STONE - VA VOL 1 Rare 60s garage -Label:ASHTRAY A collection of 16 rare, obscure and amazing mid 60s US local garage 45s so rare that original copies go upwards the $300 mark. LP has straight ahead boss garage rock, snotty punkers, thrilling teen coolness & magical moody winners. All tracks havent been on vinyl before, 12 tracks are compiled for the first time. Cool full coloured live cover w/label reprints on the back. LP is painstakingly remastered for extreme original sixties coolness. A release for the real garage connoisseur. COMP LP $18 SKU:11593

TURN TO STONE - VA VOl 2 Ltd ed of 400 Rare 60s garage -Label:ASHTRAY Brand new collection of 16 rare, obscure and amazing mid 60s US local garage 45´s offering a mix of straight ahead boss garage rock, snotty punkers, thrilling teen coolness & magical moody winners. 90% of all tracks for the first time on vinyl, 12 tracks compiled for the first time. LP is painstakingly remastered and comes with a cool full coloured live cover w/label reprints on the back. COMP LP $19 SKU:14434

WAGGONER, MIKE & THE BOPS -KINGS OF MINNESOTA ROCK N' ROLL-Label:NORTON Mike Waggoner and the Bops were the originators of Minnesota stomp, well before the Trashmen unleashed Surfin' Bird on America. This 16-track retrospective collects their very best sessions, including "Bye Bye Johnny" and "Hey Mama." (2016) LP $18 SKU:18149


WE GOT THE NEW SHINDIG for you, AND the NEW GOSPELBEACH shirts are back in stock, along with a BUNDLE including the shirt and a badge, check it out below.The reviews just don't stop rolling in, the band is ecstatic! Just got a new review today from POWER OF POP, and yesterday ALLMUSIC weighed in. [...]

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Yes kiddies, it’s more more, more, more from your new favorite label, GEAR FAB! All great reissues of 60s and 70s bands. A bunch of previously unavailable titles have arrived, along with restocks of some sold out items.Also, adds to the ever present $5 and under section AND the UNDER $10 section. Plus saale items [...]

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A bunch of cool stuff I dug out of the warehouse for you, plus a ton of adds to the famous $5 and under section! I’ve also gone thru some items that are LAST COPIES, click the pink button below. Sure to be collectors items!Thanks for all, and happy shopping.Suzy ShawNEW ARRIVALS FLASHCUBES--Boogie City /Hey [...]

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The reviews are rolling in for the new GOSPELBEACH, check it out here! Shindig featured the song CITY LIMITS in their “FAVORITE SONGS OF THE MONTH. Be sure to get your copy before they’re gone.RADIO MOSCOW is getting ready for some big tours this summer, both in the US and in Europe, dates are up [...]

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Got a bunch of new titles from the RIDING EASY label, the folks that brought you the BROWN ACID series. If you’re in the mood for STONER psych, oh baby, we got it! And if you want even more, just type STONER PSYCH into our search, we have 60 titles with that description. Or broaden [...]

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We know what you like, and we got a bunch of it. Giant import shipment arrives Monday with a ton of those bargain CDs you love so much, some great psych LPs, and all kinds of cool stuff plus restocks on previously out of stock items. Limited quantities, start shopping, my darlings!In label news, GOSPELBEACH [...]

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Some new titles have arrived, including a shipment of super cool cheapo CDS from our buddies at Distortions. Click on the pretty pink box for details.Back at ya Tuesday with your shipping info, thanks for all, happy weekend!Suzy ShawNEW ARRIVALS LYRES- Lucky-LTD ED 7x7"+CD BOX (DMZ)Label:MUNSTER Formed in Boston in the late '70s from [...]

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Yes my darlings, the new Shindig has arrived, with none other than JIMI HENDRIX on the cover. Check out the back issues too, we have lots of great issues in stock. Also just in, some new stoner psych titles, some great garage from GET HIP, and...Be sure to get in on the action at the [...]

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Just in to the fabulous BOMP/ALIVE warehouse, a whole ton of great import releases! Lots of amazing psych, limited editions, garage fuzz, and of course, let's not forget a lot of adds to the $5 and under section. Check it all out by clicking on the pretty pink box below. GOSPELBEACH is in the house [...]

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