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HOLLYWOOD STARS- KING OF THE NIGHTTIME WORLD--Label:BLANK King Of The Nighttime World' was the song that should have been a blockbuster hit for THE HOLLYWOOD STARS in 1974, but the record was shelved by CBS and covered by KISS when pitched to them by co-writer Kim Fowley two years later. The original Hollywood Stars recording is now available on 7-inch. 45 RPM $15 SKU:18587

PICCADILLY CIRCUS- DO YOU FEEL IT (Previously unreleased 1967 garage rock)Label:MY MIND'S EYE BW /TILL YOU GET TO THE TOP Previously unreleased 1967 garage rock with an incredible urgency from Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. This single was originally planned for a release on Rhamy's Discotech label, but things didn't materialize back then. The tapes were forgotten in the B-W vaults, until now! 45 RPM $16 SKU:18536

EXPLODING EYES - ST (Heavy psych rock from Dublin)Label: BIG NECK Heavy psych rock from Dublin, drawing influences from such heavyweights as Mountain, Blue Cheer and Andromeda. With the addition of live theremin, experimental soundscape guitar and a taste for raw punk'd up space rock, the band's other influences of Thee Oh Sees, Hawkwind and Pink Fairies begin to seep through. CD $16 SKU:18476

KALEIDOBOLT -THE ZENITH CRACKS (Psych power trio) -Label:PINK TANK RECORDS Finnish power trio Kaleidobolt returns with its second album. The music is full of progressive and heavy psychedelic leanings, and free of clichés. CD $14 SKU:18640

LASERDRIFT- ST (Over-the-top psych fuzz) Label:PINK TANK RECORDS Over-the-top fuzz, delay-drenched guitars, mind-wobbling keyboards, otherworldly beating bass and relentlessly pounding drums accompanied by vocals that are both tempting and on the edge. CD $14 SKU:18642

LOW ORBIT - ST (psych stoner/doom) Label:PINK TANK RECORDS A solar melding of psychedelic stoner/doom with a punishing downbeat groove. Relentless at times and ever so beautifully layered in its thick, retrospective laid back jams. Inspired by and created with a blend of modern day elements and days gone past, Low Orbit blends '70s psychedelic/classic rock with the fresh, heavy sounds of today. CD $12 SKU:18643

MOLTING VULTURES- CROWD SURFING WITH -BEST OF (Aussie psych surf)- Label:OFF THE HIP 5 piece garage/ psychedlic/ surf/ punk band that make a hell of a racket with fuzzboxes, a theremin and a Farfisa. CD $12 SKU:18673

SLOWEST CLOCK- SMILE ALL I HEARD WAS PURPLE (Freakbeat psych Gem )Label: First time available in US-Exclusive to BOMP. 15 Track CD. Awesome original psych punk from legendary 80’s Irish group.Freakbeat Gem, a collection of robust, evocative songs.Intoxicating sparks, rich hybrid of punk attack & innate psych sensibilities. Kris Needs( Record Collector)
They create a personality, a flourishing after punk style & modern psych twist in their make up. Lenny Helsing (Shindig).
The Slowest Clock play an engaging amalgam of vaguely garage-like psychedelia that goes far out enough to encroach on post punk territory. Doug Sheppard(Ugly Things).
Highlights are ‘Acid Lake &, ‘Turning Green’.‘Eastern Flowers’ is another standout. Carefully crafted psych tunes & garage blasts. Rich Deakin(Vive Le Rock).CD $10 SKU:18672

SUZY & LOS QUATTRO-Faster & Louder! Label:ROCK INDIANA With its title taken from the classic Dictators song, the fourth album by Suzy & Los Quattro is 'Faster And Louder' indeed. Featuring catchy tunes and killer riffs, this is the band's strongest release to date. CD $16 SKU:18588

TONES, LOS -What Happened (garage ) -Label:OFF THE HIP Sydney 4 piece Los Tones have honed their bent garage rock brouhaha over the last four years, with their debut long player Psychotropic demonstrating the band's ability to take the saccharine sounds of old and shake it up with a modernistic twist. CD $12 SKU:18595

WELLINGTONS-End of the Summer (powerpop)Label:OFF THE HIP “You can scarcely do better than Melbourne, Australia's, pride and joy, The Wellingtons. "Heading North for the Winter" (Zip) is bursting at the seams with catchy hooks, handclaps, soaring choruses, well-placed horn charts and an immensely appealing blend of male and female vocals. Imagine vintage Elvis Costello at his poppiest and punchiest, add in the above elements, and you get irresistible tracks such as "I Get My Heart Broken Every Day."Los Angeles Daily News CD $12 SKU:18597

I'M A FREAK BABY (3CD)-BRITISH HEAVY PSYCH AND HARD ROCK UNDERGROUND SCENE 1968-72'-Label:GRAPEFRUIT - Presented as a TRIPLE-CD set, what we have here is one of the most comprehensive and wide-ranging anthologies yet of an underground scene that, in addition to being responsible for some magnificent music, also functioned as a signpost to the subsequent emergence of British punk and heavy metal. COMP CD $29 SKU:18466

LET'S GO DOWN AND BLOW OUR MINDS (3CD)-THE BRITISH PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS OF 1967'-Label:GRAPEFRUIT THE BRITISH PSYCHEDELIC SOUNDS OF 1967' - Across four hours and 80 tracks, 'Let's Go Down And Blow Our Minds' anticipates the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love to chronicle a tumultuous 12-month period of music-making within the British Isles. CD $32 SKU:18467

LOVE, POETRY AND REVOLUTION (3CD)-A JOURNEY TO THE BRITISH PSYCHEDELIC AND UNDERGROUND SCENES 1966 TO 1972'- Label:GRAPEFRUIT - Here's a fan-tas-tic TRIPLE-CD set offeriong many highlights fom the UK's psychedelic era, featuring classic bands (f.i. The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Hawkwind, The Deviants) as well as underground cult heroes (f.i. Complex, Forever Amber a.m.o.) The styles range from psych-pop and psych-folk to early progressivism. COMP CD $29 SKU:18468

LYSERGIC SAVIOURS-VA -A PSYCHEDELIC PROPHECY! THE HOLY GRAIL OF XIAN ACID FUZZ 1968-1974-Label:PARTICLES 'A PSYCHEDELIC PROPHECY! THE HOLY GRAIL OF XIAN ACID FUZZ 1968-1974' - Hallelujah! Here's a hallowed collection of psychedelic evangelists, hell bent on summoning the Lord and armed with holy fuzz pedals and hallucinogenics. Let us embrace the sound of the heavens with a toxic mix of wild garage punk and trippy prayer, recorded between 1968 and 1974. This pious platter delivers 19 lysergic sermons from the depths of revelations. These professionally remastered original sound recordings come with expansive liners and a plethora of rare archival memorabilia COMP CD $15 SKU:18535

SHAPES & SHADOWS-PSYCHEDELIC POP AND OTHER RARE FLAVOURS FROM THE CHAPTER ONE VAULTS 1968-72' - Label:GRAPEFRUIT A fabulous collection of recordings from the UK's Chapter One label, featuring plenty of psychedelic pop delight. Useful band information and rare pix are included COMP CD $17 SKU:18469

GIRLS IN THE GARAGE- VOL 10 ( 60 freakbeat chic) Groovy Gallic Gals! Label:PAST & PRESENT RELEASED FOR RECORD STORE DAY 2017, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! - Jump into an exotic and -sometimes- bizarre boudoir with 17 sonic blasts of freakbeat chic from the '60s, featuring obscure female artists from France, Quebec, Belgium and Montreal. This edition is limited to 2.000 hand-numbered copies on 180-gram orange vinyl. The included insert features expansive liners and a wealth of rare, archival photos. COMP LP $24 SKU:18576

GIRLS IN THE GARAGE- Vol 9 ( 60 freakbeat chic) -Label:PAST & PRESENT RELEASED FOR RECORD STORE DAY 2017, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! - With the eventual rise of bands such as Dara Puspita and an overall excitement and impatience to form a band, the Asian continent stirred with the sound of rock and roll thanks to the arrival of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Presented here is a delightful Oriental twist on pop with professionally remastered original audio. This edition is limited to 2.000 hand-numbered copies on 180-gram coloured vinylCOMP LP $24 SKU:18577

MAGIC CUBE (10")- Early psych comp 10” lilac vinyl-Label:FEED THE MIND RELEASED FOR RECORD STORE DAY 2017, FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! - One of the earliest psychedelic compilations, and probably the strangest, is 'The Magic Cube', which appeared in 1982 as a limited edition 9-inch flexi-disc housed in a card envelope. When opened it unleashed a pop-up psychedelic cardboard cube. Purportedly the product of the same deranged collector mind who gave the world the first 'Acid Dreams' compilation, 'The Magic Cube' certainly contains some killer US '60s garage-/psych-punk. Now reissued in the original -but improved- packaging, and pressed on 10-inch soft lilac vinyl, 'The Magic Cube' awaits once again to pop up and plunge into your fragile eggshell mind. Limited to 1.000 copies. COMP LP $30 SKU:18578

BONE MAN - III (STONER psych) -Label:PINK TANK RECORDS The fifth album by German psychedelic rockers Bone Man. The way they seamlessly move from psych to stoner to punk and back again is a joy to behold. Limited edition of 350 copies on black vinyl. LP $22 SKU:18671

HARRIS, TONY -THE TONY HARRIS SONGBOOK 1965-69(Garage pop explores a brief moment of time in his career for the record industry. Following two records on Triumph in 1965, he became writer-producer for the L.A. based Dee Gee Records till its end in 1966. Harris then started to break into the soundtrack biz. In 1968, he signed with the VMC label and Duke Baxter's 'Everybody Knows Matilda' became his biggest success. The A side of this album is dedicated to the singer and performer and the B side to the producer and arranger LP $18 SKU:18506

KALEIDOBOLT -THE ZENITH CRACKS(Psych power trio) -Label:PINK TANK RECORDS Finnish power trio Kaleidobolt returns with its second album. The music is full of progressive and heavy psychedelic leanings, and free of clichés. LP $24 SKU:18641

MILAN -HELL BENT FOR LEATHER (60s LEGEND FROM PEBBLES SERIES) -Label:LICORICE SCHTIK A stunning, absolute must-have vinyl only release for any decent '60s music fan!!! From his earliest incarnation in the record industry as a Xmas twister, the enigmatic Milan has changed his name and re-invented himself several times: a teen idol with a cute hairdo and a preppy look, a garage gonzo savage, an all dressed-in-black biker stud, a psychedelic screamer in love with satellite sounds and other characters known or waiting to be discovered. One thing is for sure, few people can claim so many identities in less than a decade. Composer, interpreter, producer & arranger, Milan is also all of these throughout the '60s. This anthology would like to pay homage to the man. The A side is dedicated to the singer and performer, and the B side to the producer and arranger. Unfortunately, Milan's fame was due to be short and by the end of the '60s he was diagnosed with a brain tumour and disappeared from the music business. LP $14 SKU:18505

MOUNTAIN DUST -NINE YEARS (STONER PSYCH) ORANGE-Label:KOZMIK ARTIFACT Limited edition of 150 copies on ORANGE VINYL. The amazing debut by the Canadian outfit MOUNTAIN DUST. These seven tracks offer a blast of cymbal crashing, headbanging hard rock laced with doom metal and a sensible dosage of psychedelia. Undeniably rooted in the past, 'Nine Years' nevertheless sounds fresh and modern due to the band's ability to mix styles in a tasteful way. We get the proto-metal influence from Led Zeppelin, the heavy organ sound of The Doors, but also a huge dose of stoner, blues and psychedelic rock. LP $28 SKU:18586

ORANGE REVIVAL -BLACK SMOKE RISING (60s-inspired psych wanderers )-Label:FUZZ CLUB The ultra hypnotic debut-album by Swedish '60s-inspired psych wanderers The Orange Revival, originally self-released in 2011, sees a welcome reissue. This sounds like a tripped out desert-rock ode to The Stones, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Spacemen 3. LP $26 SKU:18628


TWILIGHTERS -NOTHING CAN BRING ME DOWN (60s Texas garage psych monster) -Label:MILKCOW This wonderful reissue comes with a '60s styled company-sleeve and a postcard. Back on 7-inch, here's a brain melting Texas garage psych monster from 1968. 'Nothing Can Bring Me Down' became an instant cult hit when it started appearing on garage punk comps, and Pussy Galore and others bashed out their cover versions. The Twilighters recorded this sole 45 at a club named Mark VII, also the name of the record label. When the guys entered the recording space they only had one original song, the moody garage ballad 'I Need You'. Front man Jay White wrote 'Nothing...' on the spot, since the single also needed a flip. However, the result, a fuzzed up mixture of psych à la Hendrix and Cream, and '60s punk, was so exciting that it became the A-side. 45 RPM $12 SKU:18372

TIMEMAZINE -#9 PLUS CD AND 7”-Label: This issue of the Greek psychedelic fanzine contains 96 pages (A4 printed, not photo copied), written in English and for the first time in full-colour. Also included are an 18-track CD compilation and, on COLOURED VINYL, a split 7-inch between Yesterday's Thoughts (the previously unreleased track 'Let Me Tell You All About Love') and Social BOOKS & MAGS $26 SKU:18137

BARKER, SUE-ST (rare and highly coveted Soul/Funk/Jazz )-Label:PLAYBACK The rare and highly coveted Soul/Funk/Jazz LP available for the first time on CD! Featuring the cult classic “Love To The People”; remastered from the original tapes and including three previously unreleased bonus tracks! CD $14 SKU:18386

BAUDELAIRS- MUSK HILL (psych garage) -Label:OFF THE HIP Stomping through the dreamy, substance-induced house-party haze of their previous EP Be a Baudelaire! (2014), the new album delves into the crunchin' boogie of psych-garage territory. Recorded over 3 days on a property of the same name on the Mornington Peninsula, Musk Hill was mixed by Baudelaire's own Grischa Zahren and mastered by Melbourne music legend Mikey Young. CD $12 SKU:18181

BONE MAN- SHAPESHIFTER (psych)-Label:PINK TANK RECORDS Great psychedelic rock group from Northern Germany. Following a number of EP's and splits, a CD-single, and two LP's, this is the band's 2015 full-length. CD $12 SKU:18415

BOOBY TRAPS-S/T (Primitive garage fuzz)Label:OFF THE HIP “ 3 girls and 2 guys influenced by primitive fuzz sounds of garage bands from the 60‚s, such as The Sonics & The Count and more recent bands such as .The Pandoras, The Muffs, The Makers & The Headcoatees, THE BOOBY TRAPS are united in their passion for all things primitive and swingin‚!” Aussie import. CD $12 SKU:17850

BOOBY TRAPS, THE- Makin’ It With The - GARAGE ROCK -Label:OFF THE HIP “ 3 girls and 2 guys influenced by primitive fuzz sounds of garage bands from the 60‚s, such as The Sonics & The Count and more recent bands such as .The Pandoras, The Muffs, The Makers & The Headcoatees, THE BOOBY TRAPS are united in their passion for all things primitive and swingin‚!” Aussie import. CD $12 SKU:17849

CAMBRIAN EXPLOSION- THE MOON (Stoner psych)-Label:PINK TANK RECORDS The cosmic sorcerers from Portland. A cool mix of stoner and psychedelic rock. After they released a brilliant debut EP called 'The Sun' in 2013, 'The Moon' EP is the logical next step. And with its almost 40 minutes in length, 'The Moon' is closer to a full-length than 'The Sun'. CD $10 SKU:18474

FINKERS- Epilogue ( Aussie Powerpop ) DBL CD-Label:OFF THE HIP Complete studio recordings from this mighty Australian powerpop quartet, featuring Michael Carpenter, Mick O'Regan, Matt Allison and Off The Hip boss Mickster. In 1999 they released their impressive debut album "Fresh Set-O-Prints", containing classic tracks like "This Time It's Love", "Adeline Now", "Tonight" and many more. During their 3 year existence they recorded 52 tracks of powerpop laced with garage nous over 2 albums, 2 cd/eps, countless compilation tracks and songs for tribute releases to The Stems, The Replacements, Gene Clark, The Flamin' Groovies, The Real Kids and Radio Birdman. Comes with 16 page full colour booklet including rare pics, and extensive linernotes from main songwriter and all round skin pounder Mickster. All tracks recorded by Michael Carpenter at his Stagefright stuido. All tracks produced by Mickster and Michael Carpenter. All tracks remastered for this release by Ernie-O! CD $16 SKU:8976

FROWNING CLOUDS-Listen Closlier)60sstyle garage Pebbles style)Label:OFF THE HIP Amazing debut album by 5 teenagers from Geelong, Australia playing the most authentic sounding garage, beat and R'n'B you’ll hear today. You'd swear this album was recorded circa 1965. If you have ever listened to the comps; Back From The Grave, Pebbles, Ugly Things or Nuggets then you'll be instantly blown away by this fantastic record. The Frowning Clouds don't pummel you with fuzz. No, their's is a sadder, more forlorn look at impossible love, teenage angst and rabid yearning. CD $12 SKU:11326

JANGLE BAND -Edge Of A Dream- Aussie pop)Label:OFF THE HIP Not surprisingly, this is fantastic jangly pop from members of the Rainyard/Header and Joe Algeri - great for fans of the Byrds, 12-string guitars and perfect vocal harmonies!
CD $12 SKU:18151

JULIETTE SEIZURE & THE TREMOR-DOLLS- NIKKI AND THE CORVETTES STYLE POWEPOP!Label:OFF THE HIP "CHEWING OUT YOUR RHYTHM ON MY BUBBLEGUM- Juliette Seizure & the Tremor-Dolls set out to be a blend of first wave punk and 60s girl-groups, taking the brattiness of the Zeros and the diabetes inducing sweetness of the Chiffons to make a mutant creation for fans of the Muffs, Nikki & the Corvettes, Tina & the Total Babes and anyone who likes their powerpop with a healthy dose of punk. CD $12 SKU:18018

LITTLE MURDERS- Dig For Plenty (Aussie Power Pop) -Label:OFF THE HIP Dig For Plenty" is full of new stage favorites from the opening power pop treats of "For You" "Pretty Penny", and "Rock Academy" to the London jet set swing of "Roxy" and the bouncy pop delight of "Girl What's On Your Mind?". The album is full of simply great Little Murders tracks. The garage rock groove that is "Running Man" the psychedelic rock trip of "Velvet (Get Out Of Bed)". And more. CD $12 SKU:14424

LITTLE MURDERS- Go Aussie Power Pop ) -Label:OFF THE HIP Little Murders were Australia’s own version of the new wave of power pop in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They were the premier mod band on the Melbourne independent music scene at that time and thrilled fans with releases such as Things Will Be Different, 100 Drugs and She Let’s Me Know. Although the band broke up in the mid 1980s, they reformed at various times over the next 25 years. But since the release of the anthology, Stop Plus Singles, on Off The Hip Records in 2009, along with a permanent line up (in actual fact, longer than any other incarnation), the band have recorded the power pop splendour of Dig For Plenty in early 2011 and played around Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide. CD $12 SKU:17650

LITTLE MURDERS-HI FAB Aussie Power Pop-Label:OFF THE HIP Classic Australian powerpop band.CD $12 SKU:18175

LITTLE MURDERS- STOP plus SINGLES 1978-1986 (Aussie Power Pop ) -Label:OFF THE HIP This CD collects all 27 studio recordings from this seminal Australian powerpop outfit. Alongside THE RIPTIDES, SCIENTISTS and YOUNG MODERN, LITTLE MURDERS set the blueprint for late '70s Australian powerpop. 24 page full colour booklet. Fully remastered CD $12 SKU:17647

MINK JAGUAR- ST (Aussie Ramones / Shaggs style )-Label:OFF THE HIP From the same spiritual stratosphere as Little Richard, Jonathan Richman, Sun Ra, Ramones, SCOTS, Jandek and even those bewildering weirdos from America‚s north-west, The Shaggs!!!!! CD $12 SKU:4598

RANSOME BROTHERS - WHISKEY SET (Aussie 60s style swampy guitar hooks and freakbeat-fused drums ) SAALE - Label:OFF THE HIP Sprawling from the gutters of urban Melbourne and brought together with lavish style, a thirst for life and a taste for cigarettes THE RANSOME BROTHERS appeared in the public eye late last year with two select live shows. Featuring members of ROCKET SCIENCE (Roman Tucker, Kit Warhurst), THE DEAD SOUTH (Mikey Heartbreak) and fronted by a wild raven-haired British songstress, THE RANSOME BROTHERS boast soulful melodic wails of heartbreak and long-lost love affairs, backed with a 60’s grinding organ, punching swampy guitar hooks and freakbeat-fused drums. CD $12 SKU:8335

REACTIONS - High Technology (Tasmanian garage rock)-Label:OFF THE HIP THE REACTIONS are a nifty little garage rock'n'roll band from Hobart, Tasmania. Sometimes they get lucky and play gigs with bands such as The White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Living End, The Greenhornes, Dallas Crane, The Hard Ons, The Drones, The Mess Hall, Even and Rocket Science. Usually they just gig for kicks with people around town. Besides, what's more fun than playing in a band with your mates on a Friday night? Their new album - High Technology - brings to mind the exciting big studio rock/pop of HOODOO GURUS and YOU AM I. Smashing! CD $12 SKU:7827

SHIMMYS- DRIVE YOU WILD(Pandoras style) Label:OFF THE HIP Continuing their love affair with THEE HEADCOATEES, THE 5'6'7'8's, PANDORAS, SHANGRI-LAS and the CARRIE NATION. That's right, all girl garage trash.. MORE INFO ON SITE CD $12 SKU:18555

SHINDIGGERS- MAXIMUM BEAT dbl cd (The Aussie Milkshakes ) -Label:OFF THE HIP Authentic beat/r-n-r band, often referred to as The Australian Milkshakes. This release contains the Melbourne combos complete studio recordings, plus lotsa rarities of which most appear on CD for the very first time. Comes with 16-page booklet and liner notes from mainstay singer Bill Leggett. CD $16 SKU:8168

STONEAGE HEARTS- Guilty As Sin (60's inspired garage powerpop)- Label:OFF THE HIP CD $12 SKU:15442

STONEAGE HEARTS - HUNG UP (ON YOU)(Joyous slabs of 60's inspired garage powerpop ) -Label:OFF THE HIP Hey powerpop fiends…The Stoneage Hearts are set to return with album number 3, “Hung Up (on you)”!You may remember them from their 2002 debut album “Turn On With” fronted by Danny McDonald. Or perhaps you’re more familiar with their 2004 release “Guilty As Sin” with Perth legend Dom Mariani (Stems/Someloves) on guitar/vocals, which came out in Australia on Off The Hip and in America on green vinyl on the BOMP subsidiary Alive Records. This new album comes from another new lineup: Tony Dyer (vocals/guitar), Simon Kay (lead guitar), Dave Hine (bass), plus mainstay skinsman Mick Baty. CD $14 SKU:17646

STONEAGE HEARTS-TURN ON 11 tracks - CD only on Off The Hip - Debut album from highly regarded Melbourne supergroup. featuring: (SEMINAL RATS / HANDS OF TIME / THE PHILISTEINS) & MICKSTER (CRUSADERS / THE FINKERS / PYRAMIDIACS). Joyous slabs of 60's inspired garage powerpop. CD $12 SKU:18384

SYSTEMADDICTS -BROKEN HEARTED ON THE NULLABOR-Label:OFF THE HIP Systemaddicts are a fun, energetic six piece garage punk group from Adelaide, South Australia. They were formed by original members Liam Convey, guitarist, singer and songwriter and his bass guitarist sister Kaeli when they were still teenagers. They were joined by Jamie Woolaway on organ, Frank Boulden on drums, later replaced by current drummer Elliot Hoskin, their younger brother Rory, on Trombone (who was only 16 at the time), and Tasman Strachan on second guitar. Their style originally was a blend of the hardcore punk that Liam had been doing in his previous teenaged group The Subtitles, with the more sixties influenced keyboard style Jamie was playing with The Molting Vultures.

The Systemaddicts are huge fans of 60s era groups such as The Sonics and The Loved Ones and are also big fans of 70s/80s groups like Magazine, Radio Birdman, The Birthday Party, and The Sunnyboys. Liam Convey draws upon these influences and more when he composes the original tunes the group plays, featuring honest lyrics reflecting the contemporary Australian experience. CD $12 SKU:18017

ANTIPODEAN SCREAMS Vol 2 DOUBLE CD -Best of Oz Garage Underground - Label:OFF THE HIP BEST IN OZ GARAGE UNDERGROUND! 25 TRAX 25 track comp highlighting the Aussie scene. Feat. Shutdown 66, Asteroid B-612, Stoneage Hearts, Hands Of Time, Frantics, etc. 12 page booklet eith photos and liners. Imp. COMP CD $16 SKU:11465

BIG BEAT CELLAR SCENE 11-LOST SOUNDS OF ADELAIDE 1965-1970Label:Nickoff Records A superb collection of raw Australian garage, beat and r&b, featuring bands s.a. The Others, The Outcasts, The Silhouettes, The Reins, The Harts, Animation Unlimited, Wee Hike, The Syssys, The Rhythmen, London Criers, Blues Syndicate, Blues Rags'n'Hollers, Five Sided Circle, Autumn, The Buckets, The Zoot, Nozmo King, Inside Looking Out, Machine Gun Kelly Rejects, a.m.m,. COMP CD $22 SKU:17918

BURIED ALIVE-6 CD BOX SET -DEMENTED TEENAGE FUZZ FROM DOWN UNDER 1965-1970-Label:PARTICLES Includes a full-color, 80-page booklet with expansive liners containing group biographies, archival imagery, and previously unreleased recordings. Buried Alive!! is the first definitive collection devoted to Australasian 1960s beat, punk, and psych.The world down under produced some of the most ferocious and provocative sounds to have emerged from planet earth in the 1960s. Crammed full of fuzz, distortion, feedback, phasing and wild dementia, this menacing and uncompromising sound was the precursor to punk rock as we know it. 'Buried Alive!!' conjures up a superb collection of rampant amphetamine fury, jammed tight with the most venomous, vile and repulsive '60s delinquency ever put together. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!! This landmark, limited edition 6-DISC ANTHOLOGY culls together 150 long lost sounds of toxic, teenage rebellion from Australasia. Includes rare and previously unreleased material. COMP CD $42 SKU:18339

CHOCOLATE SOUP FOR DIABETICS - 5 CD box set ! 82 UK 60s Psych Classics- Label:Past and Present Finally gathered in one place, here are all five volumes of this groundbreaking series of British psych and freakbeat compilations, in a numbered, limited edition. Boasting no fewer than 82 classic tracks, the set spans established classics by Tintern Abbey, Apple, The Tickle, The Smoke, Fleur De Lys and others, and gems by lesser-known artists such as Boo & The Boo-Boos, The Perishers, Graded Grains, The Australian Playboys, and many more. Also included is a lavish full-color booklet, offering discographies and histories of every act, as well as many rare photographs. This is one boxed set that no fan of classic British underground music can be without! Other artists include: The Voice, Nuchez's, One In A Million, The Misunderstood, Dantalian's Chariot, The Flies, The Fire, The Fresh Windows, The Unexplained, Mike Stuart Span, Wimple Winch, Craig, The Score, Winston's Fumbs, Him & The Others, Big Boy Pete, The Hush, The Syn, State Of Mickey & Tommy, Paper Blitz Tissue, The Factory, Felius Andromeda, The Accent, Chapter Four, The Poets, The Game, Chords Five, The Anteeeks, The Exceptions, The Rebel Rousers, Alan Avon & The Toy Shop, The Dodos, Roger Young, The Answers, Force Five, The Darwins Theory, The Transatlantics, The Longboatmen, Linda Van Dyck, Gary Walker, Caleb, The Trend, Family, Steve Aldo, The Peasants, The Original Roadrunners, The Quotations, The Ways And Means, The Moving Finger, The Authentics, The Mickey Finn, St. Louis Union, The Magic Lanterns, The Bad Boys, The Sons Of Fred, Mike Rabin, Wayne Gibson, The Petards, The J&B, King Size Taylor, and The Four Squares. COMP CD $28 SKU:11728

RARE MOD, VOL. 6- RARE 60s-Label:ACID JAZZ This is the last EVER 'Rare Mod' compilation. These golden rarities of the swinging '60s, lost to generations in the dusty storerooms of antiquity, were recently discovered on acetate and 1/4 inch tape. So... ladies and gentlemen of the mod persuasion... here's 'Rare Mod 6'.COMP CD $10 SKU:18417

TAKE A MIND EXCURSION-32 POP GEMS: FROM SUNSHINE TO SOFT 1966-1972-Label:TEENVILLE Turned on obscurities from Australia's late '60s/early '70s sceneCOMP CD $14 SKU:18473

TRUE LOVE HAS GONE FOREVER-MORE COPENHAGEN BEAT-Label:HIT N BEAT Euro CD reissue of the 1981 same titled vinyl album + 10 uncompiled BONUS tracks! 26 tracks total. 72 plus minutes of music. 500 copies only. Swinging beat and Pretty Things styled R&B 45s COMP CD $12 SKU:18418

ANGEL DUST PSYCHEDELIA 1968-1972- VA (70s devastating guitar-psych and PCP induced hard-rock!! ) Ltd ed of 500 -Label:FRISCO SPEEDBAL Non-hippie devastating guitar-psych and PCP induced hard-rock!! ANGEL DUST PSYCHEDELIA is a "100% killers, no fillers" compilation featuring obscure and unknown 45s COMP LP $27 SKU:15870

FIREBIRDS- Light My Fire (60s stoners)-Label:CROWN The 1968 released 'Light My Fire' album by the Firebirds , is a loose stoner heavy power album and a truly awesome relict from the Sixties. It offers a very heavy, psych flavored hard rock with blistering guitar leads inspired by the likes of Hendrix, Cream and early Blue Cheer. With the exception of the title track, all songs are group originals and the song writing is simply amazing. Considering this is a so-called exploitation album, the band has a stunning musical quality, which made the LP sought after and highly prized by collectors over the years. The new edition contains all track stated on the cover incl. 'Free Fuzz' and 'Free Drum'. Both these recordings were not included on the original album, but ended up on another exploitation album the same people did under the moniker 31st Flavours for the same label. This reissued LP comes with original labels and original cover. LP $14 SKU:14888

SULFUR GIANT -BEYOND THE HOLLOW MOUNTAIN (psych stoner blues)-Label:PINK TANK RECORDS SULFUR GIANT is a psychedelic stoner blues quartet from Portugal. 'Beyond The Hollow Mountain' presents eight tracks in a surprisingly easy flow. This edition is limited to 300 copies on BLACK VINYL with a download code included. LP $18 SKU:16388

New Arrivals this week

Got some new titles for you guys today on the legendary GEAR FAB LABEL. A bunch of other new arrivals too, and some great items back in stock too.And in case you missed it in the weekend madness, the new issues of UGLY THINGS AND SHINDIG have arrived. And still some copies left of the [...]

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TUESDAY SAALE DAY ALREADY? Yeah, it’s time for some more discounts without a code, go for it!ALSO JUST IN, a big old shipment from our buddies at CRYPT, check it out here: CRYPT on BOMPSTORE. And some adds to our $5-$10 section too.Next up on ALIVE is the new GOSPELBEACH album, Another Summer Of [...]

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60s MANIA!

This weekend we have a new shipment from the great 60╒s psych label GEAR FAB. A bunch of new titles and restocks on many more.And if you╒re in a 60╒s kind of mood, you cant go wrong with the legendary Aussie label OFF THE HIP, lots of cool stuff in stock! Plus more more more [...]

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I don't have to tell you what Tuesday means, that’s right kids, it’s SAALE day! Serious markdowns with no code required, one each on most.And of course, as always, additions to both the $5 and under AND the $10 and under section. Get a load of some of the bargains in those sections, you’ll love [...]

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Check this out kiddies, this week we got a batch of great PSYCH cds at amazing prices! A few titles at a very lo price because of a small crack in the case, great deal on those. Plus a ton of additions to the legendary $5 and under section, some tweaked corner bargains, and some [...]

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Big thanks to all of you for making our new LEFT LANE CRUISER record a huge success, it's flying off the shelves! Get the HAND MIXED STARBURST VINYL before it sells out, dont come crying to me if you miss out! We have a bundle with the LP, the digipack CD with a bonus track, [...]

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IT’S WEDNESDAY AGAIN, DISCOUNT DAY! No code required either, just go ahead and order, discounts of up to 50% of previously listed price. One each of a lot of these. Grab em while you can!.And of course, additions to the fabulous $5 and under section, and to our $5-$10 section too. Plus, check out these [...]

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Greetings everyone! We’re finally back in action with the new SHINDIG and lots more new arrivals. Seems like everyone on the planet (including us) had the flu and our shipments were slowed down considerably. But we and our label buddies are all on the mend and the new issue of SHINDIG is here at last!In [...]

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It’s DISCOUNT TUESDAY again, with a healthy batch of sale items up for grabs, most of them one each. No code required for these, and some are more than 20% off! Click on the pretty pink box below to see the list.If you haven’t gotten the latest ALIVE releases, get to it, people! All on [...]

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