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That’s right,it’s two new titles from BELTER RECORDS, with more of those BONEHEAD CRUNCHERS-style limited edition releases. Arriving Thursday, order now to reserve your copy. These go FAST.


Ltd ed of 300 Label:BELTER AND VISCERAL HEAVY THUDDERS EXCAVATED FROM THE DOLDRUMS OF THE NORTH AMERICAN SUBURBAN WILDERNESS Belter Records is finally back under the 'Bonehead' banner, still crunching and ultimate, but no longer bound to any notion of a future series. Herein you will find an abundance of heavy psych monstrosities, numbskull shredders and dastardly inducements to follow Satan or in once instance, his direct opposite. It's loud, proud and hopefully great fun to enjoy while you attempt to keep control of your bladder functions. Limited to 300 copies only! COMP LP $29 SKU:18471

GREASED BUCKSKIN BELTERS- VA Label:BELTER-14 HIGH OCTANE AND FRENZIED TALES OF BOOZED UP HICKS, CHICKS, DROP OUTS AND SKUNKS SYPHONED FROM VARIOUS NORTH AMERICAN OIL DUMPS OF ILL-REPUTE' - Belter Records (known from the 'Bonehead Crunchers' and 'Ultimate Bonehead' series) has been rampaging obscure nooks and crannies of North America to uncover a selection of frenetic screamers and high velocity tales of hellraising and beer swilling with fast driving stoners trying to catch even faster moving girls. If you can imagine a rockabilly outgrowth updated through a grinder operated by Keith Richards and Rob Tyner, you have an idea of what to expect. This LP merges rock'n'roll, late garage and budding proto punk in an endless orgy of high energy stupidity. The contents are mainly from the late '60s and early '70s. Limited to 300 copies only! COMP LP $29 SKU:18472


This weekend we have a bunch of goodies for you kiddies. Lots of great titles from our Aussie friends at OFF THE HIP, the finest in GARAGE, POWERPOP, and more...And if you want an investment more solid than the stock market, get yourself one of our AUTOGRAPHED COPIES by such legendary artists as JACK LEE, [...]

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​YOW!! Check all this new stuff we got for you guys!

First off, the brand new SHINDIG, I know you want that! Also just in are a bunch of other new items sure to make you smile, and of course, new additions to the blazingly popular $5 and under section.And if that isn’t enough to get those credit cards out, how about a big old batch [...]

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LOTS OF GOODIES FOR YOU GUYS THIS WEEKEND! Not only did we get a huge batch of IMPORTS, but we have some discounts on label titles. Just look at all the amazing stuff we’ve released, an incredible roster if ever there was one!Discounts on some great T shirts too, be sure to check those out, [...]

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Mid Week Update with more goodies!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY MY DARLINGS, Got some pretty cool stuff for you today. First, just in, our NEW DATURA 4 T shirt, it looks great! Get one of their LPS or bundles too, why don't ya!!! The guys gotta eat!ALSO, a NEW autographed STARBUST VINYL on RADIO MOSCOWs FIRST ALBUM. We have 10 copies autographed for you, [...]

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More great stuff & deep discounts this week!

Man, Ms. Suzy’s been REAL busy, found you guys some really nice stuff for your Wednesday bargains! Get a load of these: First off, I found a small batch of COLORED vinyl PEBBLES volumes 1-5, just two of the first volume, so I’m offering two complete bundles on those, and the others individually! Very pretty [...]

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Discounted Items & More!

GO ON, take a chance on the mystery bundle and get some great tunes!. All fantastic titles that we have extra promo copies of. SKU: 11055 $5Lots of other CHEAPO BUNDLES available too, check it out here. Cool tunes for an incredible price, load up! just in, some tasty restocks and DISCOUNTED ITEMS, check [...]

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$1 Items and huge discounts!

Wow, what a treasure trove we have for you today! We asked our distributor to send us back a bunch of our titles that had gone out of print, all that was left were some copies that needed to be “refurbished” (in other words they had price stickers on the outside of the shrink wrap, [...]

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Yes it’s that monthly import shipment you love so much, limited quantities so get it while you can get it, some great items arriving!Plus a bunch of adds to your very favorite section, $5 and under, AND some adds to your second favorite section, the $10 and under. Check it all out by clicking on [...]

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It’s our Tuesday discount day, with a bunch of stuff at lower prices, and some back in stock items too. ALSO some additions to the insanely popular $5 and under section. Click on the pretty pink box to see the list.ALSO, JUST IN! A gorgeous RASPBERRY STARBURST VINYL of the Black Keys, check this baby [...]

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